Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sales! Love them!

Last week it just so happened I was in the right place at the right time (for once!) and I happened to stumble upon a Target below cost clearance sale. I love Target clothes for the kids (except last season, I just couldn't get into the burnt orange) I find them to be stylish, long lasting/durable and on the most part affordable so I usually get the majority of each season's clothes there with a spattering of Kmart and Big W here & there. Anyway, so I happened to stumble into this sale & I loaded the pram to the top & my 7 year old's arms with some fantastic priced goodies such as World Industries skinny leg jeans (RRP $36) for $12, Piping Hot Skinny legs for $8, whole outfits in size 1 & 2 from $2.86! & Pj's from only $2.86! I was stoked. I purchased 1 full price tee amongst my bargains which set me back $10 but all the other items cost me $90.00 all up!

I got home and totalled up the real value (I get a kick out of seeing how much I have saved) and if I'd paid full price it totalled $320! A whopping saving of $230!

What was even better the next day I popped back & a target worker was taking all the purple priced items off the shelves as the sale didn't start til the week after! Score... I went up there tonight and I noticed the items I had bought were still marked down but their prices had increased by $2.00 across the board, so I got a great bargain. Tonight I picked up a $50 outfit (Piping Hot Jeans & Long Sleeve Tee) size 1 for $7.00. With prices like that, I couldn't even be bothered 2nd hand shopping.. :-) thanks Target! :-D

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