Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday

Today we celebrated our youngest Son, Charlie Oliver's 2nd Birthday.  I can hardly believe he is 2 already, the last couple of years have been so busy that Birthdays seem to come around so quickly & all the kids seem to be growing up daily right in front of our eyes! 

Dear Charlie, 

At 2 you are such an adventurer, a busy bee all day long. From the moment you wake, till the moment we finally manage to convince you to sleep at night you are on the go. You fill our days with laughter & love. Saying the funniest things with the cutest voice & always give out lots of free hugs & kisses to Daddy & I.  You can say lots of words now ~ your favourite being 'either' as in 'no bedtime either' or 'no breakkie time either'. You love to count to 16 & a little while ago you would count all day!  You also love to sing, you can sing the alphabet, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & Banana's in Pyjama's which you sing every time you see stairs or we go up & down stairs. You also sing Rain Rain go away when it's raining ~ you make my heart melt with your cuteness. 

Your favourite ways to spend your day at the moment are playing Little People, playing 'car race' (because every car is a 'car race') and playing with your Duplo Lego. You love all your toys and play happily all day long. You hate to have to stop playing for lunch, dinner or the dreaded bedtime! 

You like to watch a little TV now, Nick Jnr just plays most of the day & your favourite shows that you stop to watch are Dora the Explorer, Team Umi Zoomi, Max & Ruby & Bubble Guppies. 

You love your food and try everything, but your favourite lately seems to be 'meat' followed by a close second, cheese. Lately you have gone off carrots & peas. 

2 weeks ago we bought your 'big boy' bed, a racing car bed. Or as you like to call it, your 'car race' bed. You have slept in it a few times now and love to play on it during the day. You love to rest the iPad on it & play Dora Apps or watch Masha & The Bear a Russian cartoon on You Tube. 

So our dear Little Charlie, we wish you a fun & fabulous birthday. We hope you enjoy your Birthday Day spent with Mummy & Daddy, opening pressies, playing with balloons & going to the shops to play on the playground. In the afternoon Grandma & Grandad joined us & we all ate Train Cake. 

We look forward to the exciting year ahead. 

Mummy & Daddy