Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Belated Birthday Post

Charlie turned 1 on the 26th July, I can't believe how quickly the past year has gone. 1 year ago I was introduced to the most teensy tiny perfect little person and over the past year he has grown into a gorgeous, energetic and VERY inquisitive toddler whom brightens my day with his gorgeous smile, cuddles and kisses.

At one he is able to say quite a few words added to his vocab lately is hello (ello) quack quack (cuck cuck) & Badger (adger) our dog.

Over the past week he has learnt to stand more solidly & walk along on the furniture and his walker, although shaky he is super eager to get a wriggle on! We're not fussed either way & are happy for him to crawl as long as he likes.

Food wise, he is a great eater. Eating a varied diet & willing to eat nearly all that is placed in front of him, provided it is mashed as he isn't 100% confident on lumps. This past fortnight his favourite has been biscuits & a treat of flavoured milk!

His birthday was celebrated at home with lots of balloons, pressies & cake. We had a party on the weekend following his birthday but due to illness it was only a small do. It was a great start to his 2nd year of life though and I look forward to every minute of it!

Love you little Charlie Oliver xo

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