Sunday, July 01, 2012

Making our Dollar Stretch Further..

The past two weekends I have ventured to the fruit markets to purchase the weekly fruit and veggie's and I must say I have been amazed at how much you can get for little $$. It happened by chance that I went last Saturday, but after realizing how much I was able to save and was also impressed by the quality I decided to go back again today. It's a loud and crazy environment, people everywhere and loads of shouting '$1, $1, $1 a bag..' but the kid's got a great kick out of it & seemed to enjoy themselves (which doesn't usually happen at the regular grocery store) so it's been a win win really.  The first time I went I got there at approx 10am, there was still a lot left, great selection/quality etc and today I didn't get there til 11am and once again there was still plenty left and what was even better, they reduce things further the closer to midday it is, so there were even better bargains to be found!  I even heard of 6kg of washed potato's going at one stage for just $2! (I was quite miffed as I paid $8.00 for 3 kg the other day from Coles!) but alas, I'd already bought my spuds early for 2kg for 99c a bag (maybe next week!).

I also bought a pineapple $1.20ea, Tomato's $2kg, Spinach leaves $10.00 kg, Carrots 99c bag, Mushrooms (fill a bag for $2!) Massive Strawberries for $4.00, Watermelon for $1kg, Squash for $2.00 a bag, Red Capsicum for $2 a bag, banana's for 99c kg, Apple's 99c kg the list goes on.. which added up to a very big saving on our weekly shop as I usually buy all of these items at supermarket prices. 

After finishing up at the fruit markets (and blowing my saving's on some German sausages for the kids..) we went to discount Grocery Store which offer's discounted grocery line's that may be out of their best before or close to their use by date etc and nabbed even more savings.. once again the kids were suitably impressed because there was a room filled with American chocolates/lollie's so they though that was just wonderful, even though they only left with one each... Last week I was able to buy Chicken Kebab's for only $1.99 for a tray of 6! This week a packet of gourmet Chili Con Carne for only $3.00! and 4 Serve Ravioli's for only $3.00 also among many other bargains!  I had planned on photographing my stash of bargains, however, Hubby was far too efficient in packing it all away.. so I'll have to do that next week for you all.. 

In a household that spends far too much of our $$ on food, I am very happy to have found these great places which have saved me many many $$ in the past fortnight, better spent on anything other than Woolworths or Coles!