Friday, April 05, 2013

Mobile First Aid Kits - Why I never thought of one before!

A First Aid Kit is something I never really gave much thought too until our first camping trip 2 Easters ago on Stradbroke Island.  Mr 8 (then 6) got bitten by sea lice and had a reaction to them, which made him break out in red itchy spots on his face.  I borrowed some Panadol from my Sister in Law before driving the Island to source an antihistamine and our own Panadol when it dawned on me that perhaps it is something I should be packing in the future!  Being a born panicker, I don't know why it never dawned on me to have one before, I have a well stocked medicine cupboard at home, but I never thought about a mobile one. I guess I always just assumed you could purchase when your out, but it's faster and more conveniant to have it on hand thats for sure! {Particularly when your on an island!!!}

Ever since that trip I have kept the necessities such as Panadol and Fess in the Nappy Bag and have a well stocked 'mobile' first aid kit for when we travel on holidays or day trips etc. Because we're off on holidays again shortly I checked over our kit again tonight to ensure it was well stocked.

 In the kit I have:

* Panadol (all ages plus soluble tablet form & some for adults for day trips turned noisy!)
* Nurofen  (all ages)
* Hydralite Sachets
* Claratyne for allergies
* Dettol Cream
* Ventolin x 2 & Spacer/s
* Fess spray
* Chap Stick
* Sunscreen
* Tweezers
* Bandaids
* 2 Dosing devices

I am wanting to add bandages & some of those cold/hot packs to our kit also so will add them shortly. I don't have everything on hand, but I guess it is better to have a few supplies rather than no supplies at all, as I discovered for myself 2 Easters ago!

Do you have a mobile first aid kit?
What essential item do you think every mobile first aid kit needs?

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Wednesday 3rd April 2013

On Monday we took the kids to Alma Park Zoo in Dakabin, Queensland.  As an official start to kicking off the school holidays & also ending a fantasic Easter long weekend.  

It was the second time we have visited the Zoo and the kids really enjoy the laid back atmosphere and I am always astounded at how quiet it is, you literally have most exhibits to yourself both times we've been.  Thoroughly recommend it to locals and for those visiting the area. Like most places I go to, I wonder why we never got to go earlier!

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Easter 2013

Well the Easter long weekend has come to an end ~ I am all chocolated out & cannot believe it's only been a few short days since the kids started school holidays and there are still 2 weeks left to occupy them {more on that later!}
This year we had all of the kids home for the whole of Easter (we get every second year) so it was nice to have them all wake up in one home & celebrate together.  It was the first Easter we have been at home in 4 years, so a day at home to kick back and enjoy was long overdue!  On Friday I spent the afternoon finishing off the shopping (mainly for my Mum who uses me as her personal shopper) my task was to get the kids an Easter present each but avoid chocolate, preferably slippers.  Target, however, at 2pm on Easter Eve was not cooperating size wise for slippers only & I ended up instead with a selection of slippers, coloured skinny leg jeans, hooded jumpers and flanelette Pj's plus a small chocolate side accompaniant all for $100 the lot!  Mum & the kids were most impressed. 
Sunday we spent the day celebrating at home, we had plans on going to the park or the beach, but the rain soon changed our minds and the kids didn't even want to go on a drive so a home day was settled upon.  The kids played up a storm and watched the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, they also watched Men in Black 2, but I fail to see the Easter significance in that one.  Do you know Foxtel only had Christmas movies on Easter Day????? Odd. 
And on Easter Monday we went to Alma Park Zoo for the day followed by a local beach for a wander, play at the park and some shell collecting. We went to Alma Park Zoo last year and the kids thought it was great, so this time when I saw a Scoopon I decided to purchase another family ticket for $34 and go along again.  This time Mr 1 was a little older so really enjoyed his day and the others enjoyed revisiting the animals and we even saw a few we missed last time such as the spotted Quolls and all of the Monkey/Orangutan area that was closed last time we went.  I got a kick out of the Monkey's, they are so funny to watch - rather amusing, but the Baboons really freaked me out, he was so person-like, it was like seeing an old man locked up in a cage (although Iv clearly never seen this in real life to compare it to) he seemed too wise the old monkey.    The food at the Zoo was even reasonable (thank goodness because I forgot to bring our lunch along!) with each of our lunches costing $5.00-$5.50 and the kids got a Fanta Slushee at the end for $3.00 each. 
So all in all we have had a great weekend with just the right measure of busy, fun and rest. I hope your family had a Happy Easter also!