Thursday, May 10, 2012

Married 2 years, 7 months..

It's been a little over 2 1/2 years since Hubby and I said 'I do'  and a while back, before I dropped off the face of the Blogging earth I had planned to share a wedding photo on the 10th of each month to celebrate 1 of the great decisions of my life.. Holding the Christening the other day, really made me want to do this again because once again standing before our family and friends, it reinforced how special moments like this in life are, yet how fast the day goes by & with life so busy, one doesn't really get to reflect all that often. 

This photo is one of my favourite because, standing out the front there, holding hands, with our family and children looking on (My Mum and Son are in the background of this shot) everything felt right and I felt safe..  Safe in knowing i'd made the right decision, a decision that still feels right 2 years and 7 months on.  Love you Hubby xo 

A Beautiful Christening Day..

A couple of weekends ago we held our youngest Son's Christening.  Originally I had intended on Christening him at approx 6 months, but like everything in our household this year, it was put back a little and luckily he still fit into the gown at nearly 9 months! Phew.. I was so pleased he still fit it, as it was the Christening gown that my Great Nan (Great Grandmother) crocheted for me 31 years ago for me to wear on my Christening day and my eldest Son wore it for his Christening as well.  It really is a beautiful gown and I had no reservations about either of my Son's wearing a 'dress' on their Christening day and was amazed that some people even bought the issue up?  It's not like I left the pink ribbon's in it from when I was Christened both times they were changed to a more suitable pale blue and this time pale blue gingham check and I thought both looked amazing and I was so chuffed both times for my precious little boys to be wearing something so dear to my heart. 

We held the Christening in an open air chapel, the weather was beautiful and the service was relaxed and family orientated, with my Nan passing on the Christening candle to her Great Grandson and each of our children taking part in the Baptism.  

Afterwards we held a little celebration to mark the event at our home.  I bought the beautiful bunting at a market a few months prior to the Christening and had been so eager to use it, so complimented it with hand painted stars hanging from our back area and white table linen.  

It was only a small gathering and morning tea consisted of sandwiches, quiche's, cracker's n dip, cupcakes, antipasto platters and a few sneaky treats for the kids like lolly's, chips and the like.. much to the kids dismay there weren't many leftovers! (hence why I didn't get to take a piccy of it either, it went so fast!!) A big thank you to my Mum, Aunty and Nan who helped with the food preparation and service, where would I be without those wonderful ladies???

The gorgeous Christening cake was crafted by my good friend Kym of Kym's Kakes, she always does such a beautiful job and whilst the little man didn't get to eat any of it he certainly had a good time pulling apart the little bear on top! 

It was such a lovely day to gather with family and friends and celebrate the Christening of our darling little boy who has brought so much happiness, joy and energy into our lives in the past 9 months.. I couldn't imagine life without him, God Bless xo