Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 Years Ago Today..

3 years ago today, I married the man I hope to share the rest of my life with.. Today marks our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, a day that I look back on fondly and will treasure in my heart forever..

Growing up I always planned on getting married, but somewhere in my late teens/early twenties I decided marriage wasn't for me. I wasn't going to get married nor did it mean much more than a piece of paper to me.. But then in 2006 I met this wonderful man who changed my mind about marriage & proposed to me on the 28th April 2008.

We married on the 10th October 2009 in a beautiful little chapel amongst parklands. The day went without fault & I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day surrounded by our closest family & friends..

Our wedding was planned on a $5000 budget, yet If I was given double that to spend today, I wouldn't change a thing.. Mum & I made the church & reception decorations ourselves (which was so lovely to do together) we had a beautiful reception venue with a jukebox for entertainment (many people danced the day away) & both Hubby, myself and all 4 kids were decked out in our finery for the day.

We made it a real family day as we wanted the kids to feel a part of it all & special. They had such a lovely day & still speak about how much they loved it today! Our two youngest presented the rings to us, the celebrant put in a section for the kids to say & we held the reception over lunchtime so those with kids didn't have to worry about a late night..

We honeymooned in Montville in the QLD Sunshine Coast Hinterland in a treehouse cabin called the 'Love Shack' (I think of the B52's every time I hear the name!) for 3 nights & came back to collect the kids for the last leg of our honeymoon in Noosa for 4 nights.

Such a wonderful time to look back on!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my wonderful husband ~ here's to many more happy years together xoxo

Monday, October 08, 2012

Meal Planning Monday w/e 14th October

This week my meal planning is for 2 adults, 2 children & 1 baby. Since it is the first week back at school, I can't envisage any culinary cooking adventures, however, an emphasis on good nutrition & convenience will be the focus;
Monday- Back to school homemade burgers.
Tuesday- Honey Mustard Chicken served with rice, spinach & rocket.
Wednesday - Anniversary dinner :)
Thursday - Lasagne & salad.
Friday - Steak & vegetables.
Saturday - Home made chicken soup.
Sunday - BBQ something :)

Bake or Make List:
Anniversary Cake xoxo
Jelly & custard (a fave!)
Tapioca pudding (my fave!)
Banana & honeycomb muffins.