Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{sleep} {routine} what is that again?

I have NO idea what has happened to life recently.. It seems order has given way to disarray! It is 1:15 in the morning and Mr 1 is WIDE awake.. Hubby & I are dead tired, exhausted even but Mr 1 seems to want to party on, late into the night. This isn't an uncommon occurrence however, so life as we know it is changing so much.. And when he does finally drop its in the middle of Hubby & I {what is a cot again?} leaving Hubby & I on opposite sides of the bed, too tired to even make the journey to the end of the bed to cuddle up, so we just fall asleep & start the next loooooong day bleary eyed. Mr 1 has never been a great sleeper, daytime or otherwise so you would think after nearly 2 years we would be used to the craziness, but I think we'd always hoped he would 'grow out of it' or 'grow into sleep' but the very opposite seems to be happening. He seems to have adapted to the lack of sleep... He isn't a tired or sickly baby, he is full of life & energy on just a mere 8 hours a night.. Shame, the same cant be said about his sleep deprived parents! 

Last week we thought we found our groove, no daytime nap.. And that seemed to be working well, we'd easily breeze through the day playing etc & having a 'rest' time & then sleep would come at the more civil time of 7pm. This was going great for both bubba & parents {who were able to watch TV holding hands on the lounge, cuddled up for the first time in forever} until Friday when he fell over & hurt himself by running into the side of the bed, 1 ambulance, 1 GP & 1 hospital visit later, he was given the all clear to come home. It happened at 4 in the afternoon, so our fear is, he was tired?  Return to day sleeps and now bedtime seems to be 1am.  The poor fella had a rough weekend though, so were not about to start a strict routine on him right now, Saturday morning saw a return doctors visit as his split upper lip was showing signs of infection & today due to the antibiotics, diarrhoea has been a not so fun side-effect that has started up! But, soooon were going to have to look at changing something or Hubby & I won't be able to function let alone parent! 

The cot came down today, he hasn't used it since I can't remember when & it's only purpose has been a European pillow holder, so we took down the cot & rearranged our room back to its pre baby state. We even hung a tv on the wall so on the rare nights Mr 1 sleeps we might be able to watch a movie or 2, so far Dora & Diego have reigned supreme on this telly too. A new bed will soon come {after our Sydney trip} and then we will look at settling Mr 1 into his own room which will nearly be in time for his second birthday next month. I settled Mr 8 into his own room @ 2 and he too never really got the gist of his or mine... More so  ours & is usually the 4th person in our crowded bed each night. He usually bears us to the bed most nights lately.. I doubt there will be a 6th child at this rate, lol. 

So yes, down came the cot.. And tomorrow if he's feeling better & up to it I'm going to start the beginnings of a new routine, perhaps an earlier day sleep {which will mean driving the streets until he nods off} and therefore hopefully a more respectable, toddler appropriate bedtime at 7:30 at night??? 

Fingers crossed.. I'm sure my marriage, sanity & future self depend on it lol. 

{but hey, there only little once, so who am I to complain.. It's just the lack of sleep & intolerance to grumpy husband talking lol} 



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