Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Liebster Award {Why thank you Life Living!}

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First of all I will start by saying a big THANK YOU to Nicole from the Life Living Blog for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I've often seen other bloggers answering their 11 questions and wondered if my day would come, so it's lovely that it has!  Thank you!

Here are the 11 questions that I've been asked to answer :) So here goes;

1. Do you have a hobby?
I thought long and hard about this question and I wonder, does shopping count as a hobby?  If so, yes I do.. If not, I probably don't because even though I like to take up/start lots of things, I rarely follow through or finish said interests!  My latest interest, however,  is rollerblading {which is a little blast from the past} but since the kids dragged me along 3 weeks ago, I'm actually loving it and contemplating buying my own pair of rollerblades tomorrow.
2. What ever happened to your best friend from school? Are you still in contact?
I was fortunate to have many beautiful friends over the course of my schooling life and I'm probably even more fortunate to say that those who had the biggest impact of my life I am still in contact with today. 
3. Your favourite holiday destination is?

My most favourite holiday destination is the beautiful Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia ~ Also known endearingly by locals as 'Straddie'.  We first holidayed on Straddie 4 years ago, our first stay on the Island was in a gorgeous beach house at Point Lookout and we spent 4 magnificent nights is awe of the island's majestic beauty.  We returned a year later for a 3 night camping trip and once again were completely won over and suddenly holidaying on the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast didn't hold the same appeal.. we just ache to go back to Straddie.  While on the Island we love to do the Gorge Walk at Point Lookout {breathtaking views} followed by the most amazing Gelato across the road at Oceanic Gelato.  We love to spend our days at our favourite beach, Cylinder Beach and dine at the Stradbroke Island Hotel which has amazing views and food!  All this talk of holidays makes me need one!!!
4. What was a defining moment in your life?
My Nan passing away when I was 11 from Cancer.. up until that point I don't think I even thought about loved ones ever getting sick or leaving me & I lived quite a sheltered, perfect life.. But when Nan got sick it felt as if my whole world fell apart and did for many years afterwards ~ even now I wonder how different everything would have turned out if Nan were still alive.. She was truly one amazing, special lady and her passing changed the course of my Family. There is not a day that goes by where I don't wish she wasn't back here with us.
5. Do you play a sport, if so, what sport? If not, what sport do you like to watch and why?
I don't actually play a sport but it's something I have been considering more and more recently. In the past I have done Martial Arts so am considering returning to that.  As far as watching sport, I watch the odd V8 Race or Football game alongside Hubby but I'm not much of a spectator either.
6. What is your favourite meal?
Thai Green Chicken Curry on a bed of rice.. love it..
7.Can you remember the name of your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
I was quite boy crazy from a young age so even in year 1 I was writing 'love letters' to boys in my class.  I was quite embarrassed when as an adult one of the boys Mums approached me and told me she'd kept a letter I had written her Son in grade 2 telling him we were going to get married.  I think I dated him briefly in year 6 but the first Boyfriend I vividly remember was James, we were together the whole of year 7 and into the beginning of year 8, 1 year is a long time in the life of an adolescent.. We shared our first kiss, held hands and danced many a dance together at the local disco's. I remember him bringing me a beautiful heart pendant for Christmas.  I want my boys to make girls feel special like that when they are older..  My Hubby does such a great job of it now so I'm sure they will have a brilliant role model to follow.
8. What do you drive?
A 2010 Ford Territory.  We bought it shortly after Mr 2 was born as we wanted a wider back seat than our Prado had.  I do love my car, but I ache for a SS Commodore {red and shiny} ~ must be the Ipswich in me!
9. Glass half empty or half full?
Unfortunately I'm a bit of a pessimist... I never used to be, but after I had Mr 8.5 I turned into such a worrier.. However, I'm slowly learning to turn it around and think more from the glass 1/2 full perspective as I've spent far too much of my life worrying.
10. What was your first job?
A Christmas Casual Gift Wrapper for David Jones in the Queen Street Mall when I was 15. The contract ended when Christmas/Holiday trade was over but it was certainly an eye opener into the working world!  I once cut the sleeve off of a very expensive jumper that I was gift wrapping & I distinctively remember the look on the women's face ~ shock horror!  Thankfully I didn't have to pay and a replacement was quickly found. 
11. Is there something you would change about yourself  and why?
I would change having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Diagnosed at 22 I have battled with my weight and hair growth ever since.  I sometimes think it was given to me to teach me a lesson as growing up I was a terribly vain, critical bitch (for no use of a better word) and I think PCOS is karma's way of saying 'Ha, Ha!' However, I have had some low moments with it and I often wonder what if I never had the hormone imbalance.  But you can't change these things and I'm just relieved I've gone on to have 2 wonderful children as some people with PCOS have fertility troubles.  You just have to count your blessings. 
Now onto 11 random/interesting facts about me;
1. I live in my childhood home, Mum and Dad bought it when I was 3 and I bought it off of them when I was 22.
2. I only have 1 ear pierced because it kept closing over as a child and the Doctor advised me to not get it redone. I wore clip on earrings to both my Year 12 formal and my wedding.
3. It took 10 years to finish my Bachelor of Education, Primary Education ~ but I finally got there.. I did relief teaching for 2 years before having my youngest Son and hope to return to it next year.
4. I only have 1 sibling, a Brother who is 3 1/2 years younger than me. 
5. I only ever had 1 birthday party as a child which was a slumber party for my 10th Birthday. Having my Birthday in the middle of the Christmas holidays made it harder to organise parties, I think that's why the kids have a party every year!  I have also never worked on my birthday and let the kids stay home from school on their birthdays too.
6. I love Christmas.. I am a Christmas nut.. I think of Christmas at least once a day even as early as now and its only August! 
7. I don't have a middle name.. Mum and Dad took long enough to decide on my first name, so I didn't get a second one. Mum wanted to call me Jade but Dad won with Danielle as Dad's family felt Jade was too close to 'Jay' my Uncle's name.
8. I have 2 indoor cats Jack & Cat and 3 dogs, a Wolfhound called Ruby, A Border Collie called Badger and a Border Collie x Kelpie called Molly.. I think the last 2 have doggy ADHD. 
9. I met my Husband on an online dating site, we're a blended family made up of his, mine and ours.. We have shared care of his kids 50/50 and my son goes to his Dad's every other weekend.. Our Son together loves that he gets an only child weekend.. or at least we say he does.
10. My favourite band is Nickelback, Hubby and I had 'Far Away' for our wedding song.. He said he used to play that song in his car driving home at night after he'd come over to visit.. I'd always have to send him home in the middle of the night because Mr 8.5 (then 2) co-slept with me.  My Mum told me to stop sending him home at night.. (problem with parents living next door!)
11. I'm contemplating baby number 3 of late.. I had my 2 sons via C-section which having a third op is the only thing that puts me off.. But I would like to finish having my babies by 35 so only have a few more years up my sleeve to put the finishing touches on our family. 
Now.. the Blogs I nominate for the Liebster award are; Because I wasn't able to think of 11, feel free to do one as well :)  Ill add to the list later on when I get a chance to just sit again..

And your questions;
1. Television or Radio?
2. What did you want to be when you grew up & why?
3. Silver or Gold Jewellery?
4. Who is your favourite author/book?
5. House or Apartment living?  Why?
6. What is your favourite milkshake flavour?
7. Do you have a celebrity crush? 
8. What is your most favourite thing about Christmas?
9. If money was no object, what would you spend $$$ on?
10. Do you wash your own car or use a car wash?
11. Were you better at Maths or English in School?

Have fun and good luck! I look forward to hearing everyone's responses.