Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to School..

Well the kids headed back to school today, I can't quite believe how FAST the holidays went! I could still do with an extra week (or two) I think.  So today is all about tidying up the kids bedrooms after the break, cleaning out the car after our holiday and topping up the fridge and the pantry before school pick up!   This term 2 of my 3 stepchildren come back to live with us for the entire term (aside from every second weekend) so the house will be a little more busier than normal. 

However, my eldest stepson, who turns 11 tomorrow, has decided to trial living with his Mum this term (aside from every second weekend)  and this was a decision we felt he was at liberty to make as it's something he has desired for many years now.. So that will be a big change in our household that will take a little getting used to over the upcoming weeks but we wish him the best & he knows he is always welcome back. 

This morning my Stepdaughter Hayley went off to school camp - rather excited and each of the boys went to school elated to have $1 in their pockets to buy a fundraising chocolate with..

Life is busy, life is good.. life is normal :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Long Weekend Camping.

A few weeks ago we decided we would give camping a go for the Easter long weekend, not having camped since my childhood and never having camped with children before, I knew it would either be an experience we would either love or loathe.  But it was an experience Hubby and I have been eager to embark on for the past couple of years, we just never got around to it (we always fell for the allure of hotels/houses for our past holidays instead!)  BUT I'm so glad we did give it a go, because thankfully we loved it & we're glad to have given the kids a different perspective on holidaying.  We headed to North Stradbroke Island, which is a short ferry trip off of Brisbane, Queensland - It's a gorgeous island, we fell in love with it last August when we stayed in a holiday home over there and so far to date it's my favourite holiday destination. 

Gorgeous weather for our first camping trip..

Our campsite, early morning..

We had the first night to ourselves as a family, which was nice to set up, explore and relax just the six of us and the next day we were joined by my Husband's family (they were the ones who initially invited us & had the two campsites next to ours).  We spent an enjoyable 3 days swimming at the beach, going for walks, eating yummy food and relaxing at the campsite and the kids got to enjoy time playing and fighting with their cousins ad mist all of this. 

Kids swimming at Cylinder Beach, our favourite beach, all time!

Easter Sunday was also spent on the island and the kids awoke to find the Easter Bunny had visited our tent and scattered mini crunchie eggs everywhere and left them a bag of goodies at the end of their beds.  They were rather excited

Carrots, Milk and Letters for the Easter Bunny

We headed back Sunday afternoon, so nice to be homeward bound - as relaxing as it is to be on holidays, it is always nice to return back home, my Brother had house/pet sit for us & as usual he'd done a terrific job and all of our pets were waiting for us, excited as ever..

So overall, we were blessed with great weather and great conditions for our first camping trip - I'll give it two thumbs up & definitely be back! 

Hubby overlooking the Headland @ Point Lookout.

One Happy Camper.. LOL