Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Lovely Break Away from the Daily Grind..

Moffat Beach, Caloundra QLD. 

Last week, Hubby had some time off from work, the sun was shining and the coast was beckoning.. so on the spur of the moment I made the decision to take the family away on a mini-holiday.  We found a gorgeous holiday home in Caloundra on the Queensland Sunshine Coast where we relaxed, unwound and didn't do much for 4 whole days!  *Bliss*  
Kids and us literally 'chilling' in the pool.. it was a bit cold.. 

Playing a game of trivial pursuit, Disney edition.. even the baby played. 

 On the way to the coast we made a detour to Alma Park Zoo, we'd never been there before and found it a good day out for the kids as it wasn't highly commercialized.  We wandered about for 3 hours checking out all of the animals, the Marmoset's were a hit, particularly the twin baby Marmoset's, the kids (and adults) adored them!  Another fun part of the day was when the kids got to pat the Koala, Crocodile and Snake after the reptile/koala show and all 4 of them were brave enough to give it a go! (This is highly unusual as 3 of them usually refuse to pat a Kangaroo).  As a Mum to a large family, I loved that you were allowed to bring food into the premises and they had BBQ facilities and tables/areas set up to encourage you to bring along your own food.  The kids enjoyed a picnic style lunch on the grass and saved my wallet a whole heap of $$. 

At Alma Park Zoo, Dakabin QLD. 

Other highlights of our week were the fantastic house! I truly loved the holiday home we stayed in, well priced and so well set up.  I found the house through the Stayz website, with 4 bedrooms, a heated pool and fantastic facilities and mod con's (Even a Wii for the kids) it turned out to be a real home away from home.. I could have stayed there forever.. I will definitely be making a return trip that's for sure.  If your ever on the Sunshine Coast, check out Alicia @ Pelican Waters on Stayz, you will not be disappointed. 

The Beautiful holiday home we stayed in. 'Alicia' at Pelican Waters,Caloundra. 

The beach! I love the beach.. I could spend a whole day just staring out to sea.. Although I would rather the sand not be there... (as would the car) But I loved taking the kids to the beach to collect rocks (there weren't many shells) walk through the water (it was a bit too cold to swim) and just chill out and made sandcastles on the shoreline.  

The food! our holidays always involve nice food, and in the absence of a buffet breakfast on hand (usually the draw card when we choose our accomodation) we turned to the good old BBQ for some beautiful meals.. love a BBQ.

The low light of my week was that we left our last night open to Fish and Chips on the beach. However, when we finally made it down to the beach it was dark and raining so we ended up buying some to take back to the house, I'm not much of a fan of fish and chips.. it has to be pretty nice to impress me as I'm not big on fried foods.. and this for the $60.00 we shelled out of it, wasn't all that nice.. BUT in saying that.. the ambiance was all good and it's just the done thing when you go to the beach.. I do wish, however, that Fish and Chip shop's catered for large families better.. Watching my Son and Eldest Stepson unknowingly eat a battered Oyster each (I didn't realise they were oyster's either until Hubby asked where they'd gone) was a highlight however, the poor things.. slimy slimy oysters, LOL.. good times. 

That's what families are made of.. :)  
We should do it more often.. xo