Thursday, November 29, 2012

End of School Year Excitement!

Well we're counting down to the end of the school year in our home, only 1 more week to go with the kids finishing up next Thursday. It's always a mixed emotion time of year, the kids are tired & exhausted, there are always so many events/ceremonies to attend & I guess I start to panic & feel anxious about who they might end up with as a Teacher the following year.. So when the holidays do actually arrive, it's such a sigh of relief!

Some of the things we have been doing to be prepared for the end of the school year are;
1. The kids wrote out their Christmas cards last week ( I picked up a packet of 25 beautiful cards for just 99c from Aldi!) teamed with the Aldi Candy Canes & some stickers (1000 Christmas stickers from Big W for $1!) they were all set! I ask my kids teachers for a class roll list so they don't forget anyone :)
2. Teachers Gifts, this year I had 3 Teachers to buy end of year gifts for and I have kept my eyes peeled for quite some time & the other day I stumbled upon these 2 pretty reindeer mugs for just $2.19 the pair! I was also lucky enough to score a 12 pack of Ferero Rocher Chocolates for $5 from Woolworths & divided 6 each into the mugs (I didn't even eat any!!! ~ mega willpower on my part!) & then popped in a cute $2 ornament from Target. To finish just simply wrap in cellophane & pop a card from your child attached to it.
3. End of year class parties; this year we will be tackling 3 'bring a plates' so watch this space in the upcoming days for how I dealt with that. I'm thinking 2 lots of Christmas cupcakes & mini hotdogs, but I'll keep contemplating a little longer.
4. This year with my eldest Stepson graduating year 7, I have found there are a lot of end of year events such as liturgies, walk out ceremonies, graduations, BBQ's etc, so in order to keep on top of all the dates/times it is essential you note them down in a calendar style format or enter them into your phone with set reminders etc.
5.Another thing we have been doing which isn't nearly as exciting is ordering next years school books & uniforms. Always good to get in early and as far as the books go, most places let you lay-by them which is useful for 4 lots! :)