Saturday, December 29, 2012

What was under our tree this year?

Each year I swear buying Christmas presents is getting harder & harder.. So here's a little peek of some of what was under our tree this year!

Each of the 5 kids got approx $250 spent on them & I found online lay-by a god send this year & would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who isn't that great at remembering to pay off their lay-by's in store.

Can't wait to start my Christmas shopping for 2013!

Christmas Fun.. The December wrap up in our home!

I can't believe that Christmas has been & gone already! I have yet to take any of the decorations down (I just can't bring myself too) but its been a fantastic festive filled month & Iv enjoyed every second of it! I had every intention of writing more blog posts about the various things I'd been up to, but time just got away, so here is a little Christmas wrap up!

My Favourite Things Christmas 2012!!

1. Having a Christmas dinner set, it made every meal from Dec 1st so festive!
2. I loved wrapping up a Dec 1st present for the kids containing their Christmas shirt, advent calendar, Christmas book etc.. It was a great way to kick off the festive season.
3. Looking at lights! This is a favourite every year for me..
4. Shopping early! Loved the 'organised' feeling.. It's a first, but I'm going to continue getting organised during the toy sales & September/October every year..
5. Christmas cooking ~ loved making chocolate balls, white Christmas & chocolates with the kids.
6. Decorating! I don't think I can bring myself to take it down!
7. Family! Time spent with family is the best & I was fortunate to catch up with the majority of mine over Christmas.
8. Santa photos ~ even if the 16 month old didn't like him all that much lol.
9. Egg nog & other Christmas food greats :) YUM
10. Togetherness.. Reading, crafting, playing, drawing, colouring in, spending family time, brotherly love & giving... That to me is what Christmas 2012 was all about..

Merry Christmas & here's hoping your family also had a magical one xx