Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{vent ahead} Relationships

Today I called my Pop to say hello.. last night I realised I hadn't spoken with him in over 10 weeks and I was appalled at how fast time goes by & how my family over recent years has seemed to drift apart where communication is concerned.  I know, I know, life is busy.. there is always something to do, but have we really gotten so busy that we no longer have time to check in with our loved ones, just for a quick chat or a pop in to say hello?

I saw my Dad the other day, must have been the first time since Christmas, his visits are always so far and few between that I start to worry when he shows up.. He popped in between jobs to see Mr 1. who he has probably only seen  4 times in nearly 2 years. When my parents lived next door I saw them daily, but now they live 1 hour away this isnt uncommon.

Mum I see at least once a week, we usually speak every other day and i'm sure this sounds great to many, but it isn't where we used to be at. It too has been a deteriorating relationship. Predominantly due to stress & busyness. 

My inlaws are also strangers to both Hubby & I. Ask him what his parents are up to & he wouldnt have a clue. We once found out they were on holidays through his workplace, we didnt even know where they'd gone until my eldest Stepson told us. We usually see them every other weekend as they tend to pop in only when my Stepchildren are home. which used to bother me no end, but now I figure its the norm & I can live with that.  My Mother in Law isn't one who will go shopping, chat with me or pop in for coffee when the kids are at school  (not that I drink coffee). That was the relationship that Mum had with my Dads Mum, but I guess I just lucked out in the extended family warmth side of things. It's all standard issue when it comes to the in laws.  
As far as the majority of my family goes, we are big talkers & we are close but I'm finding that were speaking less of late too; 

My Nan rang me the other day, we hadn't spoken in about 1 month we had a quick chat on the phone and caught up on all the in's and out's of what has been going on over the past four weeks, it was nice.. and afterwards I always think ~ I must call more, we must catch up more.. but it never happens.. days turn to weeks and sometimes weeks to months.

Friendships is another area.. Don't get me started on that!   Remind me, what are friends again? Because i really have no idea & I think social media makes it worse because you are constantly reminded of all the events you are not invited too & see that other people out there actually have decent friends. I have drifted away from a lot of my friends over the past 12 months & whilst it doesn't really bother me at the same time, it's that lack of communication... No one said to me, I don't like it when you said this.. Or I don't like it when you do that.. People just drift away for no apparent reason or just stop caring.. 

Normally I'm too busy to notice all of the above, as I said days turn to weeks & weeks to months very quicky, but lately I have found myself feeling more & more isolated with no one to talk to & it's sad in reflection. No one to share thoughts with or bounce ideas off of. No one to vent to or even feel close to. No one to share the good or the bad with. {aside from Hubby of course} which the poor man has to hear it all. 

I guess it's called 'effort' and with time {if I ever find any!} ill keep making those phone calls & trying to strengthen these flailing relationships. Because family & friends are important at the end of the day ~ I just don't feel very important at the moment. 

{vent over} 
Sorry but I thought getting all this off my chest might serve as good therapy. Hey it's a lot cheaper than a psychologist :) 

P.S if any of the afore mentioned folks read this, please no pity visits, if your attitude changes radically overnight it won't be too hard to realise that you've read my blog post :) 

Wordless Wednesday - Wednesday 29th May 2013

Today's pictures come from the past two weekends! We purchased some 'end of season' VIP passes to Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet & Wild, so have spent the past couple of weekends visiting each of the parks.  So far we have been to Sea World twice & Movieworld once.. it's a bit too cold for Wet & Wild so we probably won't get to that before the end of June when the passes expire! We've been to all the theme parks before, but the kids never tire of it and it was exciting taking Charlie along as he's older and could go on a few of the rides in the kids sections (these rides are more my style anyways!)

Enjoy :)

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