Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Goodie Bags..

A couple of weeks ago, the kids created their own handmade christmas cards to give to their friends at school. Tonight we made goodie bags to attach these cards to and got them all finished so they can hand them out to their friends in the lead up to the christmas holidays (which is only one week away!) Im so glad we made the cards early as the weeks have gone by so quickly! 

In the goodie bags (I ended up getting this clear bag from Spotlight, I went on a looooong search for patterned bags, but couldn't find any!) we placed a Christmas pencil, candy cane and christmas stickers into the bag, tied it off with coordinating curling ribbon and attached one of the homemade tags. Im really happy with the way they have turned out and its just a little something to spread some christmas cheer to the boys friends!

My eldest two, rather than hand out goodie bags are opting to hand out candy canes - Tyler (10) was ecstatic to find Star Wars candy canes & Hayley (9) requested no peppermint ones.. (what happened to the good old days where candy canes were just white with stripes and tasted like peppermint???) We ended up with fruit flavoured ones (I must admit they were rather nice & taste-tested a few whilst doing the goodie bags tonight!) With only 1 month to go, Christmas is certainly in full swing! Next on the agenda, Christmas cards for family/friends & Teacher's gifts.. more posts to come over the next day or so!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Hayley! :-)

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Happy Birthday to my lovely Step-Daughter, Hayley! 9 today! I hope your day is filled with fun and laughter & your year is the best ever yet!  Dad and I are proud of the lengths you have gone to in the past year to continually strive forward and do your best to achieve everything your heart desires. Happy 9th Birthday from us all. 

Hayley's cupcakes I made were a real hit and I loved using my new cake display!

    Blow out the '10' candles (oops.. my error) and make a wish!

Only one 'family' birthday left this year, next on the agenda is hubby's on the 29th December.
Christmas is next on the planning agenda!