Monday, March 07, 2011

Meal Planning Monday...

Well I have my brother staying with me this week, so the meals I plan will have to be large enough to accommodate 3 adults and 1 child most evenings and i'm finding that now swimming lessons have started back up, Monday and Wednesday nights have to be a meals of convenience (or slow cooker meals) as we're not back from the pool in time to cook anything too involved!  Iv also had to mix up my non-cook night & weekly roast to accommodate next weekends upcoming activities, glad we can be flexible :P

So here is our weekly meal plan for this week;

Monday -      Caesar Chicken Wraps.
Tuesday -      Devilled sausages served with mashed potato & vegetables.
Wednesday -  Beef Stroganoff served with rice.
Thursday -     Pork Cutlets served with side salad.
Friday -         Roast of the week - chicken with roast vegetables.
Saturday -     No cooking night!
Sunday -        Hot dogs with the lot...

I will add recipe's and pictures as the week progresses..

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Colourful Cookies & Cupcakes..

Well today it was all about baking with sprinkles.. Indi wanted to do some more baking, but the catch everything had to have 100 & 1000's in it! So we had a crack at some Smartie Cookies & Some colourful Honey Sprinkle cupcakes..  I must admit we took a bit of a shortcut on these ones and used packet mixes but added our own sprinkles, honey etc - but it was the weekend afterall :)