Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple Family Pleasures.. are the greatest!

I just read a post on the Organised Housewife about one's favourite activity or past time to do with one's family and pondered some of the things that we do in our home.  Some of my favourites are;
  •  Cooking together, baking and making yummy treats.. most recent was mini pizzas!
  •  Having a movie night with blankets and pillows.. whether it be at home or the drive in, this is a great way to have a relaxed night.
  • Board games! we have tons of board games, perfect for all occasions and frustrations!
  • Playing the Wii together as a family (although this can get quite competitive!)
  • Gardening together, or playing in the backyard together. I love watering the gardens..
  • Taking a drive as a family to a new or favourite destination.
  • Visiting the local art gallery, park or swimming pool.
  • Cuddling up every night, tucked up in bed and reading a chapter from our Enid Blyton book, 'The Wishing Chair'. 
Life can get super hectic, so the time that we spend doing these things is really special and I try to fit in some of this quality time each and every day.  The other night we made really yummy pizza's and had so much fun mucking about in the kitchen (safely of course!)

Carefully placing his toppings.. so proud of his creation..

Before they were popped into the oven..

Making a pink milk while we wait for dinner to cook..
(and eating leftover toppings of course!)

Yummo! It tasted Divine..

Mine had a few more extras.. spinach and tuna..

And even the baby 'bump' got a piccy in.. must have wanted pizza too ;)
A great night was had by all.. xo

Here's to simple family pleasures!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shopping for Baby..

I must admit, this is something I have yet to start.. which is highly unusual for me! Any excuse to go shopping is usually good enough for me & you would think shopping for an impending arrival would be a great excuse! Initially I held off for the first 12 weeks, then til my next ultrasound, then til I started working again and now I figure I may as well wait until I know if I'm buying pink or blue (which I find out in approx 2 weeks).

 I'm a little over 17 weeks now, with 21 weeks until my delivery date (to the day! - eek)  so I've still got plenty of time to gather supplies.. no need to panic..  but if the last 17 weeks are anything to go by, time flies & the newest addition will be here in no time!   In the past week, I've visited the baby shop a total of 5 times to gather 'ideas' BUT I'm so indecisive.. Here are some of the products I am ogling at the moment..

The Strider Plus pram/travel system from Steelcraft.. Colour choice pending boy or girl! I think I may also use it in conjunction with the travel system capsule, however, as my Son was a larger baby I am still contemplating the practicality of this as bubs mightn't be in it very long..

The cot really has me stumped.. If the finances would allow it, I would go straight for the Boori Sleigh cot... But then common sense tells me, this cost more than my own King Size bed..

So perhaps I would choose something like this for a boy..

But then again, I don't know if this would be my choice if I were having a girl.. Perhaps I would choose something more like this..

Bedding choices are a little easier.. for a boy I love..

And for a girl I adore...

But Hubby, My Son and My Mum all love the following for a girl (thankfully they agree with the boy choice!) I don't mind this one either.. it will still brighten the room..

The following products I am loving also;

Avent Steam Steriliser (literally used mine til it blew up last time.. so its on my list..)

More than likely Avent bottles to go with.. Although I used NUK bottles last time as my Son didn't like the Avent bottles, I think the Avent accessories/teats etc are going to be easier to come by than the NUK ones, last time I found only certain stores stocked them.

I am interested in getting another baby swing this time round also..

And the list goes on and on and on.. car seat, baby carrier, wraps, dummies, nappies. I think the list may be never-ending and or endless, however, I guess I have the next 21 weeks to fill as much of it as I'm able.. (And I really don't think that will be a problem hehehe)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meal Planning Monday...

Well technically it is 'Tuesday' but it's still the middle of the night (and I fell asleep earlier..) and Meal Planning Tuesday just doesn't have the same ring to it! So here is what's on our dinner agenda this week!  Cupcake Monday due to my crazy cleaning urges of late has been delayed until tomorrow!

Monday -       Beef Stroganoff (My ultimate favourite!!!)

Tuesday -      Homemade Mini Pizza's!

Wednesday - Chicken Taco's using chicken breast & Soft taco shells.
                   (So looking forward to these..)

Thursday -    Beef Provencale Casserole - so rich and tomato infused!

Friday  -       Night off from cooking - YAY!

Saturday -    If the weather is fine a BBQ, if not, Spaghetti Bolognaise..

Sunday -      Roast of the week.. (ummmm.. Chicken??)
                   followed by Apple Crumble and custard.

Now the meal planning is taken care of for the week, shopping tomorrow will be much easier!  

Oh and if you've got a little time spare, feel free to check out my new blog page which you can access across the top tabs, 'Before Chaos and After Organisation'..