Thursday, January 10, 2013

Heading Back to School with + Exciting Giveaway!!

To celebrate the launch of 2Kool4Skool's '26 Days of Kool Giveaways' I would like to introduce my readers to their great range of back to school products.  Please feel free to read my first ever review post below & be sure to enter my fantastic giveaway to win yourself some of these fantastic products!

I can hardly believe we are already over the half way mark in the kids school holidays and it's at about this time that the mind wanders to the dreaded impending 'back to school'. But unlike previous years I am more than happy with my back to school preparations thus far. 

Not only have I organised the kids uniforms and shoes, but I've also bought everything on their book lists and ordered some personalised labels from Stuck on You.  I thought this was pretty impressive in itself, BUT it's already all covered, labelled and ready to go!!! Super keen or what??

I must admit, I did have a little bit of motivation this year as I couldn't wait to try out the new products from!  2Kool4Skool is an online business that specialises in reusable PVC Book Covers and cool coordinating stationery. I was first introduced to 2Kool4Skool late last year prior to the launch of their website and ever since I must say I have been very impressed. Impressed not only with their products, but also their friendly service, their dedication in getting a new business launched and their presence on social media. 
Some of the funky book covers and accessories for Mr 7's books.
So when it came to ordering supplies for back to school 2013 I didn't hesitate! I actually looked forward to jumping online and picking from their extensive range. The kids helped too, because I know they love stationery shopping (who doesn't!) and I loved the fact the website was so easy to use, stock was readily available,  postage was lightening fast, packaged perfectly and the order was spot on!

With 4 kids at school (3 Primary and 1 High school) back to school shopping is never a walk in the park for us but I found many of the back to school basics such as pencil cases, lead pencils, crayons, erasers, rulers and pens through 2Kool4Skool. The kids all chose their favourite designs which they were very excited about and we found there was something for everyone (which is usually pretty hard as I have fussy kids!)
Miss 11 loving her 2kool4skool stuff!
Each of the kids loved their pencil cases and were able to choose a design that reflected their personality well. They are using the Satchel style pencil case for their coloured pencils, pens and crayons and their Gym Boot pencil case for everyday items such as pencils, erasers and sharpeners etc. I found this way of organising pencil cases has worked perfectly in the past and helps the kids to be more organised and minimises loss!

Miss 11's Pencil Case - Cool Chick
Mr 12's Pencil Case - Danger!
 One of the kids favourite things was all the smelly stationery, they absolutely loved the Scratch n Sniff labels and went label crazy on all of their items! The labels were great not only for the books, but also for their folders, calculators and even their glue sticks!

The Scratch n Sniff labels are great for naming folders, glue sticks, calculators, etc.
The stickers look great even on large A3 Art Blocks.
Miss 11 went scented stationery crazy and found the scented markers, highlighters, Fun in the Sun Eraser and scented ruler right up her alley.. her pencil case smells divine!
Miss 11's array of pretty and smelly stationary
I road tested some of the stationery items myself and was impressed with the writing quality of the pens, the erasers rubbed out neatly and cleanly and the pencils and sharpener, sharpened easily and well. The crayons and markers were a big hit, were nice and colourful and would be great for smaller children as they are nice, chunky and easy to hold.

Testing out the rubber!
BUT The product I am most excited about is the 2Kool4Skool Book Covers!  WOW.. The amount of hours I have wasted over the past 7 years using contact, brown paper and gift wrap all flashed before my eyes and if I had $1 for every air bubble I got in the kids books  in the past I'd be a rich woman! Sooo I was a little more than excited over the prospect of never having to use contact ever again!!! We had 51 books to cover this year of various sizes, but predominantly A4 and Scrapbook and once again I was able to buy designs that would appeal to each of the kids, some of them even matched their pencil cases!
Miss 11's Book cover's.. Exercise, A4 and Scrapbook Size.
Mr 7's Scrapbooks from the Gobble & Google Eyes Sets.
Mr 9's Exercise Books with funky cover's.. His favourite was the Lego 'Lil Dude' pack.
I actually covered the books last night and even the kids were able to help, they got a kick out of, because it's something they haven't been able to help with in the past.  It only took 1 and 1/2 hours to cover and label all of the kids books from start to finish and the part that took the longest was deciding on the designs that each of the kids wanted!  But because we had a few different packs we were able to mix and match the designs so they had a great variety. I even found some of the packs were unisex and would be great for people with 2 kids because you could share packs easily amongst the kids even if you had a boy and a girl. 
Overall my experience with the brand as a whole has been a positive one and I would thoroughly recommend them to all of my readers.. So much so that I have an awesome prize pack on offer to share;

To be in the draw to win, please follow the Rafflecopter below.. if something isn't working with it please leave a blog post comment with the answer to the following question; What 2Kool4Skool book cover design do you like the best?

The Prize Pack Contains
1 x Satchel Pencil Case/ID Holder
1 x Packet of Bubblegum & Chocolate Scratch N Sniff Labels
1 x Packet of Colour Appeal Crayons
1 x Pack of Exercise Book Covers
1 x Pack of A4 Book Covers
1 x Pack of Scrapbook Covers
1 x Fun in the Sun Eraser
1 x Valentines Pencils
All brought to you by the great people at  I am sure they will be able to make your back to school 2013 experience as fantastic as mine has been this year!

You can find the full range of products here:

* This has been a review post for however, all opinions expressed above are that of my own & I was not paid to write this post
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  1. My favourite is most definitely the Lego book covers :)

    1. Danielle @ A Wishful WhimsyJanuary 11, 2013 at 6:55 PM

      They're awesome aren't they! My Mr 7 & Mr 9 love the Lego covers too. I'm sure they will be a hit with little boys everywhere :)

  2. Great review! I've been eyeing their products off since the launch, but not having a lot of spare cash I was hesitant to try them. Thanks for the recomdation. :-)

    1. Hi Tarra, thank-you! Yes I would definitely recommend them, the money you spend will save you lots of sanity & they are reusable time & time again so are great value for money.

  3. just love all of them. can't choose

    1. Danielle @ A Wishful WhimsyJanuary 12, 2013 at 9:44 AM

      Its super hard isn't it Shirley! They are all fantastic designs thats for sure..

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this range of Back to School stationery!! My son's favourite book cover would be the Lego print and my daughter would love the Butterflies in a Circle and of course the 100's and 1000's print is devine too. What an awesome prize and a great time saver for mum (I have a pile of books waiting to be covered!!)

    1. Dani @ A Wishful WhimsyJanuary 12, 2013 at 9:46 AM

      Hi Michelle,
      Those designs are great aren't they.. And trust me they were a fantastic time saver! I'll never use contact again for sure..

  5. What a fabulous review!!
    I looked at the range the other day and was happy with what I saw!!
    I have 4 lots of school books that need to be covered and there are 50 exercise books alone!!

    1. Dani @ A Wishful WhimsyJanuary 12, 2013 at 9:48 AM

      These products certainly are a relief for us with lots of kids thats for sure! Thanks for liking my review :)

  6. Mine came in the mail today! So impressed with the quality and range. Great review.

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

    1. Dani @ A Wishful WhimsyJanuary 12, 2013 at 9:50 AM

      Thanks Annaleis,
      Looking forward to reading your review too :) Fantastic items, I agree. :)

  7. Krazy Kritters is for me love animals and the crazier the better

    1. Dani @ A Wishful WhimsyJanuary 12, 2013 at 9:52 AM

      Its a cute design isn't it Petrie46? Good luck in the giveaway! :)

  8. Love the funky spider book cover, real unique!

    1. Dani @ A Wishful WhimsyJanuary 12, 2013 at 9:53 AM

      As much as spiders creep me out, that is one cute cover :) it was a favourite amongst the kids too :)

  9. chocolate! It'd look great on my desk at work, even!

    1. Dani @ A Wishful WhimsyJanuary 12, 2013 at 9:54 AM

      Always nice to have something for yourself boxsey! :) No harm in that.

  10. My favourite would have to be the "She's Hot" range as they are funky and very summery :)

    Julie Anderson

  11. Miss 6 would love the Butterflies :-)

  12. if we have to choose it would be as the girls chose Wild Child Slip-On A4 School Book Covers theve given me there orders and my son plane and simple wants the Lego print they are so great the kids are all discussing what they will buy poor me :)

  13. My 6 year old loves the Totally Girl covers. I almost wish I was going to school too, all of the products are great!