Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday 30th October 2013 {Halloween}

Up until a few years ago, Halloween wasn't something I acknowledged.  I always made sure I had lollies in the house for Trick-or-Treater's {who never came a knocking mind you!} but aside from that it wasn't a celebration we 'got into' but a few years back, I threw up my hands & said 'why not?!' The result, a fun time each year on October 31st..  Above is a glimpse of our Halloween decorating this year.. Simple but effective for a very eager 2 year old :) 

Tomorrow we plan on watching the Nick Jnr Halloween Cartoon line up, Trick or Treating at home (the kids can trick or treat us.. Unfortunately our neighbourhood doesn't get into it) and having a little Halloween party after school. All in the name of fun of course! 

Does your family celebrate Halloween? 

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  1. Your crew looks like they must have a great time! Happy Halloween.

  2. I wasn't big on Halloween. Some years I dress up. We have to get a move on to make our own jack-o-lantern. the candy may be good Nov 1st but a jack-o-lantern, not so much.