Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recipe of the Week ~ Mixed Berry, Cream Cheese & White Chocolate Jaffles

I came across this recipe last week in the November edition of the free Coles Magazine & the beauty of this recipe is, if you can make a toasted sandwich, you can make these!!!

To buy all of the ingredients for the recipe wasn't terribly cost effective,  infact the ingredients were about $15/$20
 However, if you have some of the ingredients already its a bonus (I didn't!) but depending on how many you make, you will have lots of leftovers. As I only made these for my Hubby & I (4 Jaffles) we had plenty of leftover Cream Cheese, Berries & White Chocolate melts... Seconds!  

As I said, super easy recipe; 
A loaf of white bread
Cream Cheese
Frozen Mixed Berries 
White Chocolate Melts 
Icing Sugar & Maple Syrup to serve (optional) 
* I used the Coles brand cream cheese & frozen mixed berries as outlined in their magazine but any brand would work fine. 

You will need to cook them on; 
Either a sandwich press or a frying pan. 
* I used a 4 sandwich, sandwich press. 

Start by buttering as many pieces of bread as you will need to make the desired amount of sandwiches. 

Turn the bread, buttered side down & spread cream cheese onto the bread. Place the defrosted/softened berries onto the cream cheese and sprinkle with white chocolate melts. 

Spread the top slice of bread with cream cheese & place it buttered side up onto the sandwich. You are now ready to place it into the Sandwich press. Cook until it is golden, remove, cut & dust with icing sugar to serve.. You may want a drizzle of maple syrup as well but as I had neither in my pantry, the sandwich still tasted fantastic without the icing sugar or maple syrup! 

These were a fantastic alternative to our usual Sunday cooked breakkie of Bacon & Eggs but would also make a yummy dessert as well. 

Try them out, you sure wont be disappointed! 

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