Sunday, May 05, 2013

Day 5. My Son ~ My friend, My inspiration & My Blogging Friend!

Today is the day to publicly announce ones affection towards a blogging friend. Unfortunately, although I find many of the Blogger's to be super wonderful & inspiring Women, I don't really have any 'Blogging Friends' as such ~ maybe next time ;)

So today I would like to write about my eldest Son, Mr 8. In part, he is a Blogger so I am actually openly admiring him. But even before starting up 'Mega Igloo' I have always been his biggest fan! I was impressed when he asked if he could start up a blog, he is a keen little writer & I loved the fact he wanted to share his passion for Club Penguin with the wider community. He helped me set up his blog & each day he eagerly checks his stat's & thinks of ideas for his blog. He has shown a lot of dedication to his blog.

He's a very entrepreneurial child, always devising things to make & sell ~ to his family of course. But he has suggested selling things on eBay. He came to me at 4 & told me he no longer liked a particular toy & could i sell it on eBay lol. He's both a spender & a saver which he didn't inherit from me, a pure spender :P

He's the type of Son that everytime we are outside, he will pick me a flower, he makes me presents & tells me he loves me often. When his Dad & I parted ways when he was 16 months, he was my lil' man, it was just the two of us making a life together and since meeting my new Husband 6 years ago, he has adapted well with the change of becoming a little Bro. And when Mr 1 was born nearly 2 years ago, he has dived superbly into the role of Big Bro also.

He loves school, has a lovely group of friends & is a great student. Recently he started Auskick which he loves. I can see so much of myself as a child in him as he is eager to learn, but he also is hesitant in some areas. I'm hoping over the next few months we can help him to overcome some of his limitations so that he truly can live life to the fullest ~ I know he's going great places.

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