Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Day 6. What Do I Do

Growing up I was always certain of 2 things.. I was going to be a Teacher & I was going to be a Mum. I had never had an inclination to be anything else and had my goal firmly set at the young age of 8. In 2005 I became a Mum and in 2008 I graduated Uni with a Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching. So today I am a Mum first & foremost and In the past I have done relief teaching. I am still hoping to return to relief teaching although I realised just this morning I let my registration lapse 2 days ago! Eek. I guess amongst the cleaning, cooking, tending to a crazy puppy, playing with Mr 1 and playing nurse to Mr 8 who is home with a cold I will now need to find time to re-apply! I find both of my jobs rewarding although I find being a Mum the harder job of the two.. You constantly wonder what you can do better, what you did wrong & if your doing enough. The pay rate is better for relief teaching, I love to think that every minute of my time is worthy of $1.00, however, the love of my children is payment enough for being a full time SAHM.

In the future I'd love to return to teaching just so I can start saving towards a bigger house & a bigger future for my family. But for now I'm happy staying at home with the kids.

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