Friday, May 03, 2013

Day 3. Things That Make You Uncomfortable

Linking with 'Story of My Life' for their Blogging Every Day in the Month of May challenge. Today's topic is things that make you uncomfortable. I'm the kind of person who feels uncomfortable about many things, I spend a lot of my day feeling uncomfortable because I suffer a little from anxiety so my anxiety makes me over think things, which then make me feel uncomfortable and sometimes worried about all sorts of crazy things!
But here goes; What makes me uncomfortable?
1.  People getting in my personal space! I'm not terribly comfortable with touchy-feely people that feel the need to get really close to me when conversing or who feel the need to kiss me or cuddle me.. I need my personal space.
2.  'Nose-air'  yes, you read right.. the air that comes out of people's noses when breathing.. I hate the feel of it, it's warm and gross and freaks me out.
3. Having to sign the kids in when they are late for school. I feel like the office lady judges me and I always feel the need to offer a reason even though it is usually Miss 11 has gone feral or Mr 8 wont touch his shoes without washing his hands several times.  Even if the kids are 2 minutes late, you have to sign them in, it adds a lot of extra stress on one in the morning!
4. I'm a bit of a helicopter Mum so I feel really uncomfortable if someone elses child is doing something that seems dangerous to me, yet the other parent is oblivious and feels that it's 100% safe.. My stomach does flips the whole time.
5. When I see pictures of peoples kids on Facebook in ill-fitting child restraints in the car, with their straps loose or hanging off. Or worse yet, peoples kids NOT in car seats!  It makes me feel mad and uncomfortable.
6. Wet floors, wet hand-towels, wet towels.. anything wet in general.. Uncomfortable plus!
7. Cigarette Smoke, it chokes me.. I literally can't breathe around it and am really sensitive to it.. Iv told a few people in my time what to do with their smokes. For me it ruins whole events and nights etc when I just can't catch my breathe and smoke around my kids and watch out! 
8. Swearing.. I'm all for an appropriately placed expletive, but some people just take cursing to the extreme. 
9. Drunk people make me uncomfortable.. no one needs to see that.. it's lame, immature and unnecessary.
10. Trying on clothes.. literally uncomfortable, so can't wait to lose a couple of kg's.
So there you have it, I could probably fill a list to 100, but thought it best to stop at 10. 
What makes you uncomfortable?

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