Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I love about the cooler months :)

Now the cooler weather has well and truly set in, so has all of the lovely things I love about autumn/winter (which I must admit isn't as much as I love about the other seasons..) But the following things make the cooler months all the more tolerable, cuddly and cozy!

  • Dressing Gowns - Nothing like rugging up in the morning in a warm and fuzzy dressing gown.
  • Bed socks - I love my bed socks, so warm and toasty & cute..
  • Flannelet Sheets - Snuggling into Flannie sheets on a cold night is the bestest feeling!
  • Hot chocolates & Warm Milo's - Not being a coffee drinker, its the only time of the year that I wake up each morning to a nice warm drink to heat me up.  I might even add a marshmallow or two! I also love making the kids a nice warm milo before bed.
  • Warm showers with gorgeous body washes - need I say more..
  • Our pot belly stove - the photo frames come off of it and we stoke it up for a warm winter without the excessive heat bills.
  • Comfort food - Soups and stews and all things warm and gravy! YUMMO
  • Decadent deserts - Puddings, cakes and warm custards - although not every night though :P

And Iv yet to get these, but can't wait to squeeze them into the budget in the next few weeks to make winter even more tolerable;

Aren't these Lupin Heat pack bears absolutely ADORABLE! from Mellebug
I think Indigo and Nich need one to cuddle up to at night :)

Sunbeam heated throw rug.. if I could keep my eyes open long enough at night!

And that's my winter wish list so far..


  1. Love all of your list above too!!!!!

    Best of all I love winter clothes. Nothing better than dressing my boys up in their flannelette shirts, jeans and boots!

    Do you have a link for those heat packs? I love them and want to get a couple for my boys when we go on holidays (in a camper) end of August start of Sept

  2. Thanks Becci, I agree, winter clothes are so gorgeous, I love jackets on my little man..

    If you click on the words 'Mellebug' near the heatpack picture it should take you to the link :) I need to change the colour of my links in the text, but if it doesn't work here is the direct link;!/pages/Mellebug/184023241614258