Sunday, May 15, 2011

One of those days..

I've had a great week, filled with motivation - where no job seemed too big or too small, I felt on top of the domesticated goddess world (I blame nesting.. which I couldn't possibly keep up for the next 10 weeks, surely??) The house was clean by an insane hour, washing done, ironing done, errands run, dinner cooked and prepared during the day in advance, baking done etc etc.. need I go on any more - I felt organised and on top of the world - but today, I woke up and my motivation had packed its bags and disappeared overnight and I had one of 'those days' that could be best described as 'Why did I get out of bed this morning??' 

A day where everything seemed to take forever and I didn't even want to look into the freezer this morning and plan dinner, because dinner seemed too much effort even at 9am to contemplate..  Why this sudden lack lustre approach to daily life? I think because last night my son felt sick and when one of the kids is sick, my mind goes out the window.. and I can focus on nothing more than temperatures, keeping them warm/keeping them cool, Panadol, Nurofen and Dimetapp.  Although he had brightened by this morning and went with his Dad to see a movie, my nerves were frazzled and on high alert for the rest of the day.. still tonight, I can't sleep and keep checking on him to ensure he doesn't get warm again.. frantic, yes?  typical of me - yes.. likely to change? No..

So in answer to my "Why did I get out of bed this morning" only to make it again at 1pm, vacuum at 2pm, peg out washing in the dark and sulk until hubby cooked dinner - to be a Mum and take care of my little family.. which today, wasn't as shiny as it was all week.. but still everyone went to bed happy at the end of the day, none the worse off for cupcakes still sitting in their container un-iced or the gardens not being watered, kids dont tend to notice dust and chaos as much as us adults do - which I feel is a lovely quality to have, because at the end of the day.. none of that really matters does it? What matters is our family first.. and sanity second :)  (with lots of other good stuff in between).  So right now, i'd best head off to bed - tomorrow is another day and I'd like to start off on the right side of the bed in the morning (the Sunday sleep in side!) well here's hoping! xo

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