Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Parties & Baby Shower Inspiration.. Baby Countdown is on..

Well as of yesterday there is officially 10 weeks to go until the little one makes his arrival, which put me in a kind of panic - today there is only 69 days to go!  69 days will go in the blink of an eye I'm sure and at this point in time, I feel so disorganised..

I'm more than 100% certain that by this point last time (my memory may be a little fuzzy it was 7 years ago now) that I was more organised than this, I think I was adding the finishing touches.. not just starting! But oh well, I do still have 69 days to pull this whole thing together & I usually work better under pressure.

Another thing that we decided upon yesterday was my baby shower date, which my Mum and Aunty were so lovely to want to organise for me, I love a party or an excuse to party plan so I'm really looking forward to it on the 26th June (exactly 1 month before the little man's arrival) and having a get together with the lovely ladies I call my friends and family.

An avid reader of some gorgeous blogs, I love how some of these talented ladies are able to pull the most beautiful parties together, so pretty.. Recently Bianca's blog 'A Little Delightful'  featured her daughter's 1st Birthday party, a gorgeous array of pink and white spots! and Jade from 'Super Organiser Mum' is currently in full swing planning her Son's 1st birthday party (Jade does the most delightful parties).

So I started to peek around for ideas for my own baby shower, and at the moment I am umming and ahhing whether to go for a blue/white polka dot theme or a red theme.. The blue and white appeals because I'm having a beautiful baby boy, but I also agree, I'm going to be seeing a lot of blue and white in 10 weeks time, so maybe red - my favourite colour (the colour I love to use in my clothing (although not so much since being pregnant) and the colour I use in the majority of my home decor is a natural choice for my baby shower. 

In any case, I'm sure I will soon make a decision - aren't the following things gorgeous! Lucky they all come in both blue and red, so no matter which colour I decide on, I might have to splurge either which way :)

These gorgeous party supplies and more can be found at;

Ill post up some more gorgeous ideas later but for now I'm off to my first fortnightly Obstetrician appointment :) 

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