Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's the Little Things, gifts kids give to make your heart smile xo

Its the little things each days that make your heart soar.. I have been truly blessed with an adorable little man who loves to leave me little handmade surprises of cuteness, he has always done this and although my storage box of all of his necklaces, paintings, drawings, craft ventures and gifts is HUGE, I love that he is so giving and thoughtful, it really does make my heart smile..

He has also constructed this wall of his own artwork, drawing and handwriting that he is proud of and I was happy to let him pop it outside his door. Im not usually one for attaching things to walls, but seeing his pride in creating and presenting his work, how could I say no? Im not too sure what we'll do when we paint the walls of the dining room, I guess Ill find a cute little cork board for him to display things on outside his walls. They also have one in their room, but it's much nicer im sure to have it all out on display! :)

The other day before I returned to work, he created this gorgeous little sticker holder for me to take along to school for my student's rewards. After a tough first day back, it was so lovely to sit and stare at this very thoughtful gift he had made me during my lunchbreak and smile.. smile for all of his thoughtfulness and care.. He even filled it up with his own stickers and prizes from his room.  When I got home that afternoon he wanted to know how many stickers I gave out.. he was so proud 

 And I always am!

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  1. Hi Danielle! Yummy meals you are cooking up! Thanks for the comment on the train table. I was so upset that it wasn't being used {that drives me nuts as it was my idea to get it!} So now I am thrilled. Thanks for popping by and commenting.