Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentines Day 2011

I think that Valentines Day has always held a soft spot in my heart & has been a day that I have always been happy to celebrate. I don't know if this is because I haven't really been single before on Valentines Day or because any day that is a day to express the love you have for those around you, is alright by me!

My Son was born on Valentines Day 6 years ago, which was such a lovely Valentines gift, my best so far (even diamonds wouldn't compare..) Usually my husband and I don't exchange gifts until the evening for this very reason, so we don't take away from the little man's birthday. But this year, I decided to include the kids into Valentines Day, as they too, get just as excited about it and after all, Valentines Day is about 'Love' overall.. our family of love.

So this year I bought all the kids a chocolate rose, I thought they were so cute (and tasty) and at only $1.25 each from Kmart, a bargain too! And a block of choccie, laid it onto their place mat with a handmade card and some Valentines Day themed balloons attached to the back of each of their chairs.  A simple gesture, but their little eyes lit up when they saw it in the morning.. It was nice to see them reading their cards and messages and sharing their chocolates around, my eldest stepson even gave me the chocolate rose back as a gift to me, very touching. 

That evening, being my son's birthday and Valentines Day, we went to see Gnomeo and Juliet at the cinema which was  a nice touch for both occasions we thought. 

For Hubby, I left out a little dangling heart at his coffee station for the morning (knowing full well i wouldn't be awake) and a very daggy, but heartfelt bag of lolly banana's..

We didn't exchange gifts in the evening this year as I fell asleep quite early on in the evening after the movie (who said your energy comes back at 12 weeks pregnant! 16 weeks and still exhausted!) And I awoke to find a delicious box of Lindt Desert Chocolates (how very evil) and a gorgeous card on my side table, how sweet.

So that's Valentines Day for another year.. but thankfully in our household it doesn't mean the love stops there :) 

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