Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Years Resolutions ~ 2014 Here We Come!!!

I'm not usually one to write down lengthy resolutions, I used to as a teen, but found I'd rarely stick to them and I guess it was a lot easier to keep my room clean & stop flirting with boys at 14 than it is to now lose 20kg & give up chocolate. But I guess I get a kick of scribbling a few down each year, they give me an outline of the goals I want to achieve in the new year; so here goes; 

1. Lose 20kg by Christmas 2014. Plenty of time! I intend on doing this by walking & getting back into roller-blading. I felt great losing 10kg in 2013, so I have to keep going (and lose the 5kg Iv gained over Christmas! ~ that May or may not be an exaggeration as I haven't actually checked, but all of those Ferraro Roche's had to have gone somewhere!) 

2. Ditch Coke completely & drink more water! I was doing fabulously at this until the school holidays, so it shouldn't be too hard to kick this sugary habit. 

3. Take 2 holidays.. I did it last year & I plan on doing it again. I love holidays, they are so relaxing even with 5 fighting children in tow. They open up the world for me & escaping to the beach is my ultimate de-stressor. 

4. Spend more time with the kids doing kid things.. Sometimes I feel guilty of getting to the end of the day & life has been so busy busy that I haven't got to engage meaningfully with the kids. In 2014, I need to set aside quality time ~ time to just be Mum. 

5. Spend more time with the Husby, doing Wifey things.. Not that!  (although I'm sure he wouldn't complain if I resolute to do more of that) but just hang together more, chat, watch telly, help him more & maybe catch a movie or dinner (we haven't had a night out or outing together since Mr 2 1/2 was born) 

6. Me time... I'd like a few minutes every day to gather my thoughts so I can be a better Wife & Mother. Sometimes my head is just so busy, I'd love to just chill & just be.. Me. 

7. Save money.. I'm a terrible spender.. This year in 2014 I'd like to save.. 

8. Cut down the electricity, gas, water & grocery bills.. Last year an exorbitant amount of money got poured into these areas of the household budget, it is my aim to lower these bills. 

9. Call family often.. Particularly my Grandparents. 

10. Blog! Now that Hubby surprised me with a new blog address of my very own at Christmas I'd like to spend the time on the blog that Iv always wanted to. So that means more regular posts from me! The new blog will be up & running soon, it's just facing some teething difficulties. But in the meantime I'll keep posting here! 

So there you have it.. 10 posts to guide me on my 2014 journey. Wishing you & your families, a Wonderful, Safe & Happy New Year xoxo 

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