Monday, December 30, 2013

A Year in Review.. Farewell 2013

This time last year I knew 2013 was going to be a great year because 13 is my lucky number, it always has been, so why would 2013 disappoint me?  And 365 days later (or however many there are in a year..) I guess whilst 2013 wasn't a FANTASTIC year (in that I didn't win the Lotto or gain a cleaning fairy etc.) it was a GOOD year and I won't/can't complain. 

I must be getting old in that I wanted to reflect upon the year that was, and instead I am quite blank as to what I got up to this year.. Lucky I have good ol' Facebook and Instagram to help me out when it comes to reminiscing. 

2013 was the year I stayed at home (not literally) for the entire year I have been a SAHM, looking after the kidlet's and focussing on my awesome domestic goddess skills (that need a lot of fine tuning in 2014) I didn't renew my Teacher Registration at the end of last year, instead choosing to take a little break from relief Teaching until I am able to return to work more regularly.  I have really enjoyed staying at home & plan on doing so in 2014 as well and whilst I can't wait to get back into Teaching, I know at home with the kids is where I belong for now. 

This year was also the first time that I have travelled outside of my home state (unless popping just over the border counts) we took an awesome road trip down to Sydney with the two boys.  I really enjoyed seeing places that I haven't seen before and it was great to see things in person such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge (that you often see on the TV but could never relate to before)  I look forward to travelling more in the new year as it's something we really enjoyed as a family.

Last year I promised myself I would be more social and whilst this really hasn't happened or changed much, I feel going into 2014 that I am more at ease with my social standing.  I was a little unsure of some of the friendships I had earlier in the year and I didn't know if they were worth continuing, but at the tail end of the year, I am glad that I have kept in touch and persevered, despite how busy life gets as we're all really in the same boat.. the busy boat.. and it's nice to have friends to keep us afloat at the end of the day.  

Hubby & I celebrated 7 years together & 4 years married. We haven't had much spare time this year as Mr 2 is a terrible sleeper (parties all night long) & we have a fair few projects on the go such as Hubby's career advancement & studies but we're still able to relate to one another & be there for each other. 

The house hasn't really advanced much in the past 12 months past a good de-clutter & a change of decor in a few of the rooms. We did get a new Vanity & toilet installed, plus replaced a lot of our larger appliances as they all decided 2013 was a good year to kick the bucket (all very close to one another, as they do!) In 2014 I have a lot of ideas for our dear home, finding the time & $$ is another story!  

The kids all had a good year, proud of their achievements and can't believe how fast they are all growing up. It was Miss 12's last year of Primary School this year so next year we will have 2 in Primary & 2 in High-School which seems very surreal.. It's been quite an adjustment having teens & Tweens in the home this year.. Pimples, hormones, periods, sex talk & even swearing have been on the agenda in the past year & it's been interesting to say the least. But I guess it's a learning curve for us all & we'll continue to acclimatise to the teen years as they grow. 

As far as parenting arrangements went  (being a blended family with shared care of my Stepkids) We  tested out a few new tactics this year with my Stepkids, including Mr 13 staying an additional night each fortnight, this has worked out well and has given us more time to spend with him. We also divvied up the holidays so that we get 1 complete term holiday each (this year we got the entire September/October break) this was also nice, although we stayed home for much of it, but next year it might give us the opportunity to take a nice holiday. For those that read my post about Christmas, we also got the entire Christmas period this year but next year, we won't see the kids until early January while they are in N.Z celebrating Christmas with their Mum. Mr 8 continues to see his Dad every other weekend, which he is happy with & it works ~ he also seems more settled with less interruption to his everyday life. Being a big blended family as we are with His, Mine & Ours (although we consider them all to be 'ours' at the end of the day) isn't always easy & I think that the paragraph above, speaking of raging hormones & crazy tween behaviour has made this year a little more challenging than previous years, when the kids were younger.. It wasn't until this year that I became a 'wicked stepmother' or got told 'you can't tell me what to do' but I'm sure that is tame compared to what may lay ahead! 

Where other Family has been concerned, 2013 has been a little odd, perhaps a little more detached than usual. Relatives who I normally kept in close contact with have seemed a little distant, once again busy with their own crazy lives.. It's ashame because every time we get together, people always say 'it's been too long!' 'We need to do this more!' But it never happens & life whizzes by in a blur and before you know it, family are only meeting up at Christmas, Funerals & Weddings.. Once again I will thank Facebook for keeping me in the loop of much of my estranged family :)  

But there have been many happy moments, memorable moments, sad moments & glad they're in the past moments! 2013 has been a great year & I look forward to today being the last of the old & then bring in the new! Time for new challenges, new chapters, continued family bonds & beautiful friendships.. I look forward to 2014 & I fondly farewell 2013.. Xoxo 

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