Friday, April 05, 2013

Mobile First Aid Kits - Why I never thought of one before!

A First Aid Kit is something I never really gave much thought too until our first camping trip 2 Easters ago on Stradbroke Island.  Mr 8 (then 6) got bitten by sea lice and had a reaction to them, which made him break out in red itchy spots on his face.  I borrowed some Panadol from my Sister in Law before driving the Island to source an antihistamine and our own Panadol when it dawned on me that perhaps it is something I should be packing in the future!  Being a born panicker, I don't know why it never dawned on me to have one before, I have a well stocked medicine cupboard at home, but I never thought about a mobile one. I guess I always just assumed you could purchase when your out, but it's faster and more conveniant to have it on hand thats for sure! {Particularly when your on an island!!!}

Ever since that trip I have kept the necessities such as Panadol and Fess in the Nappy Bag and have a well stocked 'mobile' first aid kit for when we travel on holidays or day trips etc. Because we're off on holidays again shortly I checked over our kit again tonight to ensure it was well stocked.

 In the kit I have:

* Panadol (all ages plus soluble tablet form & some for adults for day trips turned noisy!)
* Nurofen  (all ages)
* Hydralite Sachets
* Claratyne for allergies
* Dettol Cream
* Ventolin x 2 & Spacer/s
* Fess spray
* Chap Stick
* Sunscreen
* Tweezers
* Bandaids
* 2 Dosing devices

I am wanting to add bandages & some of those cold/hot packs to our kit also so will add them shortly. I don't have everything on hand, but I guess it is better to have a few supplies rather than no supplies at all, as I discovered for myself 2 Easters ago!

Do you have a mobile first aid kit?
What essential item do you think every mobile first aid kit needs?

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