Monday, October 21, 2013

2 Weeks Flew By...

I love Term 4!  It just feels different. I find it hard to keep the momentum going as we near the end of the year & feel like slipping into holiday mode by mid November. Right now I'm still in full swing though & organised and raring to give term 4 our best shot! 

A short 8 week term, I only have Mr 2 & Mr 8 at home because its the other kids term to be with their Mum {we do 50/50 ~ term on/term off} 

Initially it felt strange after having them home & having such a busy house for 12 weeks and it's terrible to say, but obviously there is going to be lots of difference between 2 & 5 kids! Where I was running out of milk & bread last term,  I now find myself having to use it up quickly before it goes stale ~ I even had to throw 2 loaves of bread & a 1/2 full bottle of juice out in the first week back!  I made too much for dinner & would often take out too many plates, cups, spoons etcetera.. But now 2 weeks on, I have adjusted.. 

I felt at the end of last week that I'd FINALLY caught up with the washing & the housework from the holidays, just in time for our weekend that all the kids return! {we get every 2nd weekend Fri-Mon in our 'off term'} but the weekend went well & it was great being the 'fun' parent again, with less discipline to contend with and no school work/homework drama's. But geez the fighting, the bickering, the volume (my stepchildren are quite loud) & the difference in their personalities become apparent after they have been away. For example they are heavily reliant upon the TV & Technology & that drives me bonkers! Disconnect! & when we do ask them to tune out they look at us like we've grown another head! 

But all the differences & the chaos aside, when we get the kids every other weekend it's nice to spend some quality time with them. We usually do things like board games/movie nights, parks, the beach etc. This weekend we managed to squeeze in breakfast out both days, the park, the Zoo yesterday & today, being a pupil free day, Mr 13 and a friend went to the movies whilst Mr 2, Mr 8 & I headed to see Turbo & do the shopping. Miss 11 & Mr 10 had to go home because their weekend ends at school commencement Monday, whereas Mr 13 as he's getting older stays till Tuesday all year round. 

So tomorrow it goes back to our family of 4 agaib for 2 weeks, which is never really 4 because you are always thinking of the others, cleaning, ironing & buying/paying for them. So whilst they aren't here physically, they are always technically here. But I guess during this term it gives me the chance to get on too of things before they come back for the Christmas holidays. :) 


  1. Sounds like a good arrangement for sharing the children! The adjustment period after having them for three months must be so difficult. Enjoy term four - I hope it flies for you.

  2. Wow, it must be a big adjustment to go from 5 children to 2! Term 4 feels like the home stretch, doesn't it? I kind of love it too :)

  3. That sounds like a pretty well tunes arrangement. Must be nice to have the house a bit quieter, but weird at the same time! #teamIBOT

  4. Wow - that sounds like an arrangement that works well for everyone - and it sounds like it suits the children as well.
    I'm so glad we don't have school going children anymore - having no school was as much of a plus for me as it was for her !!!
    Have a great day !

  5. Term 4 terrifies me, it means Christmas is nearly here, eek!

  6. It sounds like you have things down to a fine tuned art! I couldn't imagine having to go from 2 to 5 kids on a regular basis.

  7. Wow that sounds full on! I don't know how I would do it with term on term off, but it's great to hear you have found something that works for you!
    I've got four kids all the time, and I always seem to run out of bread and milk. I just can't really believe how much they eat?