Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cough Cough :(

When Mr 8 gets a cough, he really gets a cough. Ever since he was a baby, Winter & the change of season see's us at the Doctors for cough after cough. It was a relief (kind of but not really) at age 4 when they decided it was asthma related & finally we could start 'treating' it with something.  Mr 8 doesn't take a puffer all the time just at certain times of the year when his symptoms flare up, which seem to be linked with when my hayfever flares up... This week has been one of those weeks...

Iv decided that sleep is highly overrated (ill keep telling myself that) because between my neck/shoulder being in agony, Mr 8 coughing for hours at night at Mr 2 waking at random times during the evening (but more so becoming an 'early bird' I am feeling rather exhausted & sleep deprived. 

I wish there was just something I could do to relieve his cough, get him a good nights sleep and make him feel better. They've given him Ventolin & an allergy medication but despite the Butter Menthol's & Vicks Vapour Rub apparently there is little more we can do when it's asthma related. 

Later today (cause there really is no sense in saying 'tomorrow' at 3:30am ~ that day is here now my friend!) I will be taking out his bed & cleaning under it of dust etc. A good spring clean of the curtains, linen & toys might be in order too. Mr 8's getting a new loft bed tomorrow too so it's perfect timing for a bedroom spruce up. 

Iv purchased an Ultrasonic Vaporiser with some 'sniffles' oil formula tonight too. I probably should have followed through with this purchase weeks ago but talked myself out of it!  

Well it looks like Mr 8 has nodded off again so I should probably catch some Zzz's too while I can! Night all xx 

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