Friday, September 20, 2013

I'll have a Heat Pack and 2 Voltaren Please..

Sorry things have been a little quiet around here for the past few weeks..  I picked up a new passion the other week, rollerblading and was having quite a lot of fun with it until I took a fall on them and landed flat on my back!   3 weeks on I am still in quite a bit of pain, I have a neck spasm/whiplash (fun fun) so have been seeing a Physio and getting by day to day with Voltaren and whatever else the Doctor thought would make me complain less!
Its a bit of a shame, I was really getting into the exercise swing of things and enjoying walking daily and rollerblading a couple of times a week (I even bought my own pair, which is where things went wrong!)  I'd lost 5kg and was feeling mega great.. But the past couple of weeks I have ditched the walks as I have been put on 'rest'  (whatever that means.)  I'm giving myself till Monday to recoup a little further and then I'm going to get back into the walking.. not the rollerblading just yet!
I've been thinking more and more of my blog of late and what I want to do with it.. I have 'written' a thousand posts in my head of late that I always mean to type up but never get around to it..  One thing I have been seriously contemplating is a name change..
Perhaps as the school holidays kick off next week I will have a little more time up my sleeve without all the running around (or hobbling around as I have been in the past few weeks).
Next term the house gets all deserted again as my Stepkidlet's return to their Mother's for Term 4 and Term 1 2014, so I'll be back to my two boys.  But never fear, they will be back every other weekend and the first 1/2 of the Christmas Holidays (just to keep me on my toes!) 
Well I guess it's getting late, my heat pack and bed are calling me..
Night all xx

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