Saturday, October 06, 2012

As The School Holidays Come To an End..

Is it just me or do the holidays seem to go a lot faster than the regular weeks? I can't believe it's the weekend before we have to get back into the dreaded school routine again! Iv really enjoyed myself these holidays, spending some beautiful quality time with my two boys.. Whilst life is a little less hectic & we could just have fun and enjoy. At the beginning of the holidays I set myself a goal to 'get out more' as I used to before the bub came along & I am proud to say we managed to have a lot of holiday fun both inside and outside the home. All it took was a little extra organising & forward planning on my part & of course STICKING to those plans (as much as I would have rathered veg at home some days!) getting out there made me feel fantastic.. Even if it was just to the park or local pool :) 

4th term is only a 9 week term this year and it's usually my most favourite term because Christmas is at the end of it (something to look forward to) I think I'm already counting down the days till I can bury the uniforms at the bottom of the ironing basket again (or do what I did these holidays, hang them up in their wardrobes in an attempt for the creases to fall out naturally!) as you wouldn't believe what a bugger creases are to iron out after 7 weeks at the bottom of a basket! (lesson learnt last year...)

At the beginning of this week I started a few back to school preparations. I tend to do this routine each holidays to get me back into the back to school mindset;
* Washed all school bags, lunch bags, hats, jackets & library bags. Re-label and replace items as necessary.
* Washed/cleaned and or polished the shoes (I tend to do everyone's shoes at the same time not just the school shoes)
* Restocked school supplies (I used to ask the Teacher in the last week of school by way of a friendly note what the kids were low on, but now that they are older they are usually pretty good at telling me - sometimes!)
* Restocked homework supplies.. Each of the kids has a pencil case with pencils, coloured pencils, rubber, scissors, glue etc to use at homework time - I make sure I replace the supplies that have gone AWOL.
* Organise the school uniform draw with their socks etc and the folded uniforms.. Ironed uniforms will be done this weekend (ugh).
* I pack the school bags with their diaries, library bags, hats etc all ready for the first day.
* Do a shop for school snacks..
* Relax.. Knowing I'm all the more slightly organised for Monday morning!

But knowing me I'm sure there is something Iv forgotten to do lol. Next week I'll share my 'Back to School' routine for 4th term..

In the meantime I hope you all enjoy the last couple of days of the school holidays... I know we will.. :-) xx 

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