Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lego Brickworks Exhibition

Our local Art Gallery is fantastic & they always have some wonderful exhibitions for children, particularly over the school holidays. So I was excited to see that at the moment they are hosting a Lego exhibition. We planned a trip to the gallery today and Mr 7 thought it was wonderful & was in awe of the Lego designs ( He came home & tried to design some Lego pictures himself!) it was only a small exhibit but still had him captivated.

I think it's wonderful the endless designs that are possible with Lego & the timelessness of the toy itself. My Brother's Lego is still at my parents place for the kids to play with when they visit & I still vividly remember playing with my Duplo & Lego as a child & there are some pretty retro pieces amongst the collection including a cow & an elephant! It's great because it's a toy they never get bored with or outgrow for such a long time unlike many of the 'fads' that are out there these days!

I'm pretty excited to be buying my stepdaughter some of the girl Lego sets for her upcoming birthday too, she loves playing with the boy's Lego, so I know she'll get a kick out of her own! Plus the designs are just so cute, I couldn't possibly resist!

Oh well I'll leave you with some pictures, but check out the Lego website as they're celebrating 50 years of the Lego brick in Australia so you might be lucky enough to have a local exhibition/show nearby you too!

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