Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yay it's Getting Warmer!

I'll be the first to admit, I hate Winter! I love Flannie Pj's, hot chocolates & snuggling under warm fuzzy blankets, but I absolutely detest the cold, bleary, dreary freezing weather. So needless to say, now that it is beginning to warm up, so am I! This weekend in an effort to soak up the sunshine we decided to head to the beach on Sunday with the kids. We went to Bribie Island just outside of Brisbane, it's a great little beach, good water conditions, beach sand.. Not gravel sand (one of my pet hates) and it's such a short drive out of the city without having to travel too far.

It turned out to be a lovely day the kids played on the beach, building sandcastles, digging mini-pools and burying their legs. The weather was even kind enough for the kids to splash about in the water. We had fish and chips afterwards in the park and then headed back home, exhausted after a great weekend.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends too!

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