Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mothers Day. Fit for a Queen.

Me and my special little Men xo

I had a beautiful Mother's Day this year, although I can't say I have ever really had a bad one.. I woke up, only to be told to stay in bed by my wonderful Mr 7 who guarded the door watchfully to ensure I was 'sleeping in' and I heard him say a few time's to my husband 'I'll just go and check on Mum'.. very cute.  And when I was allowed out of bed, I was ushered to the table to enjoy a breakkie of bacon, eggs, toast with avocado, tomatoes with cheese, mushrooms and a caramel hot chocolate! YUMMO!  After my delectable breakfast I was showered with gifts of handmade cards and bracelets, 'Worlds Best Mummy' emblazoned gifts from the school's Mother's Day stall, PJ's and of course chocolates (no Mother's Day is complete without them). 

My yummy breakky prepared by the wonderful husband.. xo

I love seeing the look of delight on my Son's face when he is giving me presents, he is a very selfless person who loves to make presents and give presents to everyone.  He has always been the same, each day after Kindy I would come home laden with drawings, bracelets, necklaces and lots of other beautiful and interesting creations he made me each day, he was actually disappointed in prep when he wasn't allowed to make as many gifts! LOL.  So he always gets right into day's like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday's etc, it is nice to see as it keeps it interesting and keeps the magic alive.  I'm sure that my youngest son Mr 9 Months will one day catch the contagious celebration bug that runs rampant in our home on special occasions.. I don't think there is any way possible to avoid it! 

So after I was showered with gifts, we got ready to attend a double christening/surprise wedding in the afternoon, which turned out to be a very beautiful day for a very special friend of mine.  
My beautiful friend Lisa and her little family xo

I only got to phone my Mum this Mother's Day, because she was feeling a little under the weather and by the time we got home from the Christening/Wedding it was quite late, so I've taken a rain check on catching up with her this coming week.. cupcakes and coffee me thinks. I'm so thankful to have a Mum who has been more like a best friend to me, I know I can go to her for any thing and she'll always be there for me and my Brother (no matter how many times we stuff up or shout for help!) 

So to all those wonderful Mummy's out there, I hope you too had a wonderful and happy Mother's Day, I sure know I did.  I love my two little boys more than words can ever describe or say and alongside my three wonderful stepchildren, they each make my life that much more special each and every day & I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. Love you all xoxoxo

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