Monday, March 05, 2012

Meal Plan Monday! (Mon 5th March - Sunday 11th March)

Meal Plan for Week Ending Sunday 11th March

The majority of the past week has been raining and dreary around here, but still quite humid, so on the menu has been a lot of salads, light meals and quick and easy dinner fixes with Hubby and I eating dinner at 11pm 3 nights in a row!! (Needless to say the kids ate earlier, but last week we had some family drama's so many days were sheer write-off's for me!). 

This week to eliminate the 11pm dinner 'dates' of last week, I purchased a few Weight Watchers meals to have on stand by in the freezer in case we get caught off guard again and we could just heat one of these up. I actually ended up serving one of the Weight Watcher's meals tonight as a regular meal and put a side salad with it, it was really nice.  

So yes, here is to less chaos and a smoother running meal plan this week!

Monday:  Weight Watcher's Butter Chicken with Rice served with a side salad.

Tuesday:  Baked White fish fillets, served with steamed vegetables and balsamic sauce.

Wednesday:  Devilled Sausages served with rice (using Woolworths reduced fat/salt sausages)

Thursday:   Chicken thigh fillets cooked in a lemon pepper and herb 'cook in bag' served with a greek salad. 

Friday:    Lean Beef Burgers served with homemade sweet potato fries.

Saturday:  Tinned tomato's on toast with grated cheese. 

Sunday:  Spaghetti Bolognaise served with rice for us, pasta for the kids.. 

Make/Bake List.

Homemade Pikelets -- I made pancakes on Sunday morning and used the leftovers to make pikelets.. they turned out super yummy, so i'll make up another batch for morning tea's this week.

Custard.. Hubby is usually the one who makes the custard from custard powder in this house, but tonight I gave it a shot and it turned out really well.  I'd run out of yoghurts  to send with school lunches so I gave this a go instead and chilled it in some plastic containers, ill see how they like it tomorrow!

Vanilla cupcakes with mars bar icing.. (super evil for cupcake monday!)

Lime Jelly! (might even put it with the afore mentioned custard!)

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