Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meal Plan Monday! (Mon 20th Feb-Sun 26th Feb)

I am really excited about this weeks meal plan.. I have some awesome foods to work with as we took a trip to the Boggo Rd Markets on Sunday (formerly the Boggo Rd Jail) and got some fantastic free range meat from a Butcher there, we bought Salmon, 8 chicken thigh fillets and corned beef.. I also rediscovered ALDI this week and was able to get some fantastic bases for meals also.. So here is our menu for the week! :)

Pan Fried Norwegian Salmon with green salad and garlic bread.
** Since I'm writing this on Wednesday, I must say this was AWESOME! I used a little more olive oil than I normally would in my frying pan and gave each side of the salmon a good grind of both salt and pepper. Each fillet was approx 200g and tasted DIVINE! -- Side salad consisted of Mesculin, rocket and spinach leaves, Roma tomatoes, grated carrot and beetroot, reduced fat cheese, kalamata olives & cold peas. 

Chicken Thigh Fillets done with a lemon pepper crust, served with mashed potato and vegetables.
**Very simple -- pop 6-8 thigh fillets into a baking bag or baking tray and give a good dose of lemon pepper seasoning & the juice of one fresh lemon.. it all runs together to make a yummy saucy coating over your chicken.  

Corned Beef with Vegetables & White Sauce. 

**Take Away**

Aussie Hamburgers..
**I saw something similar to this on Everyday Gourmet with Justine before my Dr Phil fix today and OMG they looked amazing! I knew I had to add them into this weeks menu SOMEWHERE!! you will need (I need to make 6..)
- 6 Hamburger Patties.. (you can either make your own or buy pre-made. I love the Lean Beef Patties from Coles -- 4 equals about $6.00) 
- 6 Bread rolls.. 
- Condiments including: Butter, tomato/BBQ sauce, mayo, sweet chili sauce.
- Beetroot
- 6 eggs
- Reduced fat tasty cheese..
- Lettuce (or equivalent) leaves I use mesculin and or spinach leaves.
- Tomato 
Its basically like any other Hamburger, except when cooking the patty, put the cheese on top when its nearly finished cooking and the cheese will melt into and around your meat patty.. looking very evil, but SO TASTY!

Tuna Pasta Bake.. 
I saw all of the ingredients for this at ALDI the other day and we haven't had it in a while as hubby and I, despise it.. but, the kids love it, so I made it for them.. I happened to make enough to have one for the freezer too, so no cooking for me on Saturday night! Yippee.. Grab yourself 500g Pasta, 1 jar of Aldi Tuna Bake Sauce, Large tin of tuna (I also got mine from Aldi in Sunflower oil.. different.. I usually buy Spring water..) 1 tin of corn (you could use frozen if you wish) and I added some capers for something different and topped with low fat grated cheese.  

Spaghetti Bolognaise :)  
A classic way to finish off the week.. and I grate 2 zucchini's, 6 mushrooms, 2 squash and 3 carrots into it too and the kids don't even notice! WIN WIN! Hubby and I have rice and the kids have theirs with the leftover Penne from the 1kg Bulk Pack I bought from Aldi.. :)

**Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing..

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