Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shopping for Baby..

I must admit, this is something I have yet to start.. which is highly unusual for me! Any excuse to go shopping is usually good enough for me & you would think shopping for an impending arrival would be a great excuse! Initially I held off for the first 12 weeks, then til my next ultrasound, then til I started working again and now I figure I may as well wait until I know if I'm buying pink or blue (which I find out in approx 2 weeks).

 I'm a little over 17 weeks now, with 21 weeks until my delivery date (to the day! - eek)  so I've still got plenty of time to gather supplies.. no need to panic..  but if the last 17 weeks are anything to go by, time flies & the newest addition will be here in no time!   In the past week, I've visited the baby shop a total of 5 times to gather 'ideas' BUT I'm so indecisive.. Here are some of the products I am ogling at the moment..

The Strider Plus pram/travel system from Steelcraft.. Colour choice pending boy or girl! I think I may also use it in conjunction with the travel system capsule, however, as my Son was a larger baby I am still contemplating the practicality of this as bubs mightn't be in it very long..

The cot really has me stumped.. If the finances would allow it, I would go straight for the Boori Sleigh cot... But then common sense tells me, this cost more than my own King Size bed..

So perhaps I would choose something like this for a boy..

But then again, I don't know if this would be my choice if I were having a girl.. Perhaps I would choose something more like this..

Bedding choices are a little easier.. for a boy I love..

And for a girl I adore...

But Hubby, My Son and My Mum all love the following for a girl (thankfully they agree with the boy choice!) I don't mind this one either.. it will still brighten the room..

The following products I am loving also;

Avent Steam Steriliser (literally used mine til it blew up last time.. so its on my list..)

More than likely Avent bottles to go with.. Although I used NUK bottles last time as my Son didn't like the Avent bottles, I think the Avent accessories/teats etc are going to be easier to come by than the NUK ones, last time I found only certain stores stocked them.

I am interested in getting another baby swing this time round also..

And the list goes on and on and on.. car seat, baby carrier, wraps, dummies, nappies. I think the list may be never-ending and or endless, however, I guess I have the next 21 weeks to fill as much of it as I'm able.. (And I really don't think that will be a problem hehehe)

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