Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple Family Pleasures.. are the greatest!

I just read a post on the Organised Housewife about one's favourite activity or past time to do with one's family and pondered some of the things that we do in our home.  Some of my favourites are;
  •  Cooking together, baking and making yummy treats.. most recent was mini pizzas!
  •  Having a movie night with blankets and pillows.. whether it be at home or the drive in, this is a great way to have a relaxed night.
  • Board games! we have tons of board games, perfect for all occasions and frustrations!
  • Playing the Wii together as a family (although this can get quite competitive!)
  • Gardening together, or playing in the backyard together. I love watering the gardens..
  • Taking a drive as a family to a new or favourite destination.
  • Visiting the local art gallery, park or swimming pool.
  • Cuddling up every night, tucked up in bed and reading a chapter from our Enid Blyton book, 'The Wishing Chair'. 
Life can get super hectic, so the time that we spend doing these things is really special and I try to fit in some of this quality time each and every day.  The other night we made really yummy pizza's and had so much fun mucking about in the kitchen (safely of course!)

Carefully placing his toppings.. so proud of his creation..

Before they were popped into the oven..

Making a pink milk while we wait for dinner to cook..
(and eating leftover toppings of course!)

Yummo! It tasted Divine..

Mine had a few more extras.. spinach and tuna..

And even the baby 'bump' got a piccy in.. must have wanted pizza too ;)
A great night was had by all.. xo

Here's to simple family pleasures!

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  1. You look like a fun Mum.
    Pizza looks divine.