Saturday, October 08, 2011

Shop til I drop..

Its certainly no secret that I'm an avid shopper.. In the past I have often felt like the shops are a second home to me, I could walk around them for hours, aimlessly browsing and feeling right at home! Since the birth of my Son, I haven't been out to the shops quite as often as I used to (it's no longer a daily habit, more so a weekly one!) Funnily enough I haven't suffered too many withdrawal symptoms because I have turned to the oh so convenient world of online shopping and I'm loving it!

Why? well since Charlie was born, hubby started popping to the shops here and there to pick up groceries or the odd supplies that we needed.  All well and good (he sticks to a list like a fly to flypaper)  but, I missed being able to pick up the bits and pieces that never make the list and overall I missed being able to grocery shop in general.  So over the school holidays I turned to Coles Online and used their 'Click and Collect' facility which allowed me to select all of my grocery items and then collect my purchases at my nearby Coles loading dock, all bagged and ready to go for no extra cost!  I was initially dubious about items such as deli, fresh produce and meat, but every item that was selected by the personal shopper was in great condition (sometimes even better than I choose for myself!)  and what I loved most about the experience it was the easiest grocery shop I had ever done with 5 kids in tow!

I also liked the fact that I was able to shop smarter because I was at home and can go and check on the items before I order and I didn't seem to forget anything, which is usually my biggest problem! I could rave about this service for ever and ever and have used it 3 times so far, each time, I was equally as impressed.. definitely something I will stick with in the future.. (if only Aldi had the same service, I'd be set & a little better off

Iv also used the Catch of the Day website to purchase Saucepans for 60% of the RRP and Lamaze storybooks for Charlie, also 60% off the recommended retail price.  Charlie's rocker came off of Big W online for $30 cheaper than I'd seen advertised elsewhere and was delivered to my door for $7.00!  Other sites I have been checking out are Grocery Run, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Target online, Pumpkin Patch and a host of other brilliant sites that are often run by Mum and Dad operators.  You can save so much money by doing your shopping around and shopping online! 

I don't even think it's worth driving to the shops anymore! 

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