Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meal Planning Monday (Yes, I know its Tuesday..)

Oops, Meal Planning Monday has ran over into Tuesday this week as I felt a little off yesterday and didn't get a chance to post. Ill be doing my grocery shopping this afternoon, so it still works out ok.

Monday -
Steak, Egg and Salad burgers (cooked by Hubby! - they tasted awesome!)

Tuesday -
Ham and Salad (It is so hot today, I dont think I could cook in a hot kitchen tonight!)

Wednesday -
Steak with vegetable bake (potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin and corn) Green salad on side.

Thursday - 
Beef and Mushroom Casserole.

Friday -   
Kitchen Free Night - Eat out night..

Saturday - 
Home Made Pizza Subs.  

Sunday -   
Savoury Mince.

I will post my recipe's for Beef and Mushroom casserole, vegetable bake, Savoury Mince and Home Made Pizza Subs as the week progresses so stay tuned. Right now, im off to the shops to escape the heat and indulge in some air conditioning!!!!

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