Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Weekend.. zooms by..

Wow, another weekend over.. where do they go?

This weekend started off Friday night at the Play Cafe Disco, an idea I saw when we celebrated my Son's birthday there earlier this year, a 2 hour disco with a DJ and the kids could either play on the regular equipment or join in and boogie.. Our kids did a little of both, they all loved dancing to the chicken dance and macarena and afterwards we grabbed McDonald's on the way home.  It was even an enjoyable night for us parents because the music was good, we got a free hot choccie/coffee and it was a laugh and a half watching the kids dance up a storm!   A nice way to wind up the working week!

Saturday started off nice and quiet, the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing at home and in the backyard but progressed after lunchtime to  a 2 hour Doctor's wait/visit to get my Stepson's ear checked (as he had been complaining of a sore ear) and also a small cut on his head (which happened shortly before the doctors visit - great timing..) after a rock/trampolining incident.. thankfully after a course of antibiotics were prescribed we were on our way.. to the dreaded grocery store! After a grocery run, with 4 kids in tow (never fun) we headed home, although our fridge and pantry which looked bare, now looks much more appealing.
Nich and Indi waiting (and waiting...) at the Doctors Surgery..

And today, being Sunday we spent the morning at home once again.. aah peaceful.. went to the markets (nothing exciting there..) had a picnic lunch in the park followed by the kids playing their version of Red Rover & Hide and Go Seek (in an open paddock mind you..quite interesting..) and the afternoon was spent browsing some camping/outdoors stores for camping equipment.  Which to many might sound like a nice afternoon, but once again with 4 kids in tow, isn't always fun and games (although I'm sure they had fun trying to 'road test' every tent in the shop and climb on every piece of equipment..) and we did end up finding all the equipment we needed, so that's always a good thing.

Damian and the kids having a 'massage' break after our day of shopping..

I think the most important thing in all of this, is, we were able to do it all as a family.. as much as the kids resisted going to the camping shops this afternoon, which I recall doing as a child also, I now look back on those moments fondly as a time that Mum, Dad and my Brother and I went and got things together, made choices together and spent times together.

I don't agree with the people who say not to take the kids grocery shopping or shopping in general, yes, it can be more stressful and sometimes you have to put the cranky voice on, but its all a great bonding experience and an experience in life overall & hopefully experiences that they will look on fondly in the future and drag their kids through!

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