Saturday, February 05, 2011

Things to achieve in February..

With February now in full swing, I thought it time to outline my goals for the month;

1. Head back to work for the year.

2. Print out my Project Life Photographs so far for 2011 and organise my entire album.

3. Use my 2nd album to catch up on Indigo's scrapbooking (I have seen this done in some other blogs, check out the gorgeous Sunny Side Up blog to see a great example of this in action.

4. Finish tweaking the routine I have in place and stick to it as best I can.. I have a routine now for morning, night and in between that seems to be working wonderfully (more on that another time..)

5. Show my little man an excellent time for his 6th Birthday.. this year we are having 2 parties & a day off school to have some birthday fun.. why not? your only 6 once right? This week will be all about party planning in this house..

6. Wash the car

7. Keep up the gardening.. its been so lovely pottering in the garden in the past couple of weeks..

8. Keep cleaning out the 'nursery' - no longer labelled 'spare room'.

9. PAINT (Note to hubby) the bathroom & laundry!

and lucky last...

10. Have fun!

So they are my 10 goals for February.. Im sure there will be other goals to accompany them but at this stage I think that list is a good start for now and will keep me busy.

For the next week or so I am also going to take part in the '14 Days of Love' challenge outlined on 'Our Life on a Marquee Blog' which sets the challenge to  do one thing each day to show someone how much you love them - such a lovely idea in the lead up to Valentines Day. She has some great printables on her blog also, which are cute for Valentines Day.. so check them out and keep watching this space for my first item tomorrow!

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