Thursday, February 03, 2011

14 Weeks Pregnant - The Story thus far..

Good morning world, its kind of early.. Iv been up since 4am.. which is usual for me lately, but unusual for me generally..  Why is it usual of me lately? Because at a little over 14 weeks pregnant, 8pm seems like my new bedtime, hence between 4-5am must be my wake-up time! thanks crazy body clock!!! It would be nice to get an extra couple of hours at night to get into my scrapbooking, project life, TV or even blogging, but instead, Im sooo out to it, nothing can stir me.  I must say I feel far more refreshed for all of the extra sleep though, so I wont complain.  It has also been quite handy with the school routine, because i'm up so early - we are never late!  I'm sure all of that will change when the little Miss or Mr arrives on the scene and everything starts and ends in chaos! So we'll relish it whilst we can..

As many know we have a blended family, I have 1 - he has 3, together we will have 5 (although we both say we have 4/5 otherwise its way too hard to explain)  So this is technically baby number 2 for me  (although that never quite sounds right, but baby number 5 doesn't sound right either)  so i'll stick with baby number 2.. tonight I wrote out part 1 of my baby journal on a forum I frequent which will catch my blog readers up to date so far on my pregnany ride, so I'll cut and paste from that;  Hopefully in the next day or two im motivated enough to plug in the scanner and put up a ultrasound piccy or 2. So yes, that is why my blogging has been a bit lax of late.. cause you can't blog whilst your asleep!

Story so far...

"At this point in time, I am a little over 14 weeks along.. with roughly 24 weeks to go until my cesarean date
(if thats the way I choose to go as things progress) as im booked in for the 26th July, which seems altogether waaay too close! LOL. But im sure, as I get bigger, it wont seem close enough.

So far my pregnancy has been lovely, I was anxious at first.. nearly fainted when i saw the double lines! Came out crying, hubby told me I wasn't meant to be sad.. that it was a happy time etc, but all I could do was worry.. What was I worrying about? To me it was a mixture of things, many of which i'm still worried about.. I was worried first and foremost for my DS, how was this going to change his life? I was worried for my health (mainly upon, i know panicking 9 months typical of me!) and of course I was worried about miscarriage and the impending '12 week mark wait' ahead of me.. which at 5 weeks, seemed so far away. (Mind you I don't think that fear dissappears at 12 weeks, it just lessens). I probably had a gazillion more worries going through my head at this point too, hence the crying.. but in the end, I allowed myself a smile.. (much to DH's relief.. as he thought I was regretting my decision..)

We didn't tell anyone straight away, moreso kept it our little secret and slowly over the next week or so, began to tell people the news including the kids.. we told the kids on the night we went to get our Santa photo's.. after a nice dinner & night out, with the carols playing in the car, we told them that a baby was on the way.. They were all excited & started the 'what if's' pretty much immediately.. What if - it's a girl, a boy, siamese twins (wt??).. They wanted to know the in's and out's of everything when was it due, where will it sleep, will it go every 2nd weekend to it's father's house (can't half tell we have a blended family hey!?) But on the whole they were very excited. I was trying to read my DS's face for a sign, something that reassured me he was going to be ok, and although he looked a little confused by such big news.. the next day he asked if he could spread the news far and wide and said he was very happy, so that was a big relief to me.. phew.. For weeks my little man told me what to and not to eat (like a little doctor) and would ask "Can you eat that Mum, is it good for bubba?" LOL. When we got scans done in the first week of school, he also took them along for show and tell... some of the kids in his class asked "What colour eyes does it have" he came home rolling his eyes, "Don't they know you can't tell that yet" he said.

So Kids all told.. Parents next.. both set's happy.. which is always a relief I guess.. and then the remainder of the family followed... So everyone was notified by Christmas'time. Usually I feel like it jinx's things before 12 weeks, but its such hard news to keep quiet.

I kept worrying about my symptoms.. were they too little..I wasn't sick as such, so some days I felt completely normal and would have to remind myself I was carrying a little person. The only time I felt queasy as such was about 4-5pm, I could always tell the time without looking at the clock, from this feeling.. but it was never enough to keep me down as such. I had a similar feeling with DS, queasiness.. so the obstetrician said, this appears to be my bodies 'morning sickness'. I initially worried that maybe I wasn't 'sick enough' but after a few scans that showed everything to be completely normal.. I felt relief.. and lucky!

Although the tiredness, how crazy! I am usually quite the insomniac, staying up waaay past midnight and into the early hours.. but after the initial adrenalin had passed of wanting to jump back up at night and check out things online about pregnancy etc, I found myself falling asleep when getting my DS to bed each night.. whether that be at 7:30, 8 or later, I would doze off and that is the last you would see of me that evening except when I would stagger zombie like from his room back to my bed in the middle of the night.. lately I haven't even got that far, I sleep all night through in his room. Poor DH, lucky he has study to keep him occupied at the moment, because i'm not much company at night. Hoping that my energy will return soon enough so that I can watch some TV at night or even hold a conversation! (intelligent one, apparently my tired ramblings are quite funny..)

I had a scan at 6 weeks.. and a scan at 10 weeks (in the obs office) and then again at 13 weeks.. all was where it should be. Although I panicked about having an anterior placenta, because they say it can lead to more blood loss during a ceasar.. but then I read that DS's placenta was also anterior, which calmed me a little.. I am now going to panick only when im told to panick.. and at no other time. I feel that philosophy might help rather than my usual panick at every little thing logic!

So that is the story thus far.. here I sit at a little over 14 weeks.. looking forward to my next ob visit at 15 1/2 weeks, feeling baby soon enough and the 18-20 scan which I soooo need to find out if Im to buy up pink or blue as I need to fulfil my shopping urges!!!!"

Well enough about babies for now, tomorrow my post will be about getting into organisation mode around here, which has been on my agenda for the past couple of weeks.. Ill show you some of the projects im tackling and the progress I am making :)

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