Sunday, January 09, 2011

Frustrated at Technology!

I enjoy having gadgets and use them at times through my day to achieve tasks, have some down time, communicate with people and overall enhance my daily life.  I am happy with the way in which I am able to use these tools to get the job done! But at the end of the day, I can walk away - have a life and leave my gadgets behind.. although my iPhone is never far out of reach.   So why is it, our kids can't seem to foster the same healthy respect for their technology!

I am really struggling these holidays not to have a mass burning of DS's, Ipods, Wii's and TV's!! I am sick of repeating the phrase 'Put your DS away and PLAY!' -- 'No don't play your DS, read a book!'  which to my eldest 2 stepchildren (who these phrases are always directed at) seems like a massive insult.  Yesterday after lunch I told my 3 step kids they could go and lay on their bed quietly and read a book, a book in their language = DS.. I had to remind them a book has pages, words and doesn't require charging!! They once again weren't impressed when they had to turn in their electrical devices in exchange for the real deal, but I am sick of them sneaking in to play these things, when they know they should be doing something else..

Granted it has been raining here for many weeks, so I am Ok with them playing them from time to time.. but not all the time! During the school term I say Wii and DS only on the weekends, that way it doesn't get in the way of getting ready/homework etc.  But now I find myself having to limit them on weekends and holidays also!  I have started today a 1/2 hour limit on the DS's in the house, unless they are able to exercise a measure of self control and use them sensibly.. I think that is the only thing I can do to save these kids from themselves and their lazy lifestyle. We have decided not to install a computer in my eldest stepsons room as we had initially planned, as being the worst offender, we don't want to fuel his addiction & instead of watching a movie after lunch as they became accustomed to, that is now a quiet read for 1/2 hour or straight back into play..

I will be thinking about more ways to implement this into our household in the upcoming weeks before school goes back.. But I have decided on the following;
1. 1/2 hour DS at any one time.. no more than 1 hour a day.
2. No Wii on school days.
3. No movies after lunch, only in the evenings..
4. TV off at 8am, weekdays or weekends. TV only on, after they are completely dressed
    and ready for school.
5. 20 minutes reading each night before bed (which they do anyway..)

I just want the older ones imaginations back! :)

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