Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday 27th November 2013 ~ Christmas Books


We've had the Christmas books out & about for a week or so now {although they really never go away} but I sorted through the book boxes & found them out & popped them into a basket for the kids to easily access. My basket is missing its decoration {thanks to Mr 2} but you get the idea. The kids all get a new Christmas book each on Dec 1st along with their Christmas Tshirt, Advent Calendar & an ornament for the tree. 

I also borrowed out some Christmas books from the library this year too that the older kids can enjoy as I found our collection was a little younger. Last year the older kids had Christmas chapter books but I had no luck in finding different titles this year. 

                                                3 of these I've had since I was little. 

                                       Picked this material book up at a market earlier in the year. 

                 Our pop up book has seen better days & the jolly postman is missing a few activities. 


                                                           Some Australian Christmas Titles. 

                                                                     Love Little People :) 

                                                                  Books from the Library
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  1. I've borrowed some christmas books from the library in the last week. You have some awesome books in that collection.

  2. We went back to the library today and borrowed more! Its so lovely to have a few new books amongst the collection. thanks for stopping by.