Monday, February 04, 2013

A Sick Weekend..

Friday afternoon Mr 1 had a low temperature of 35.6 and all night (I know because I tested his temp every 10 minutes I reckon) it wavered between that & 36.1. I was especially worried because just before school pickup the tap fell off the house outside & we both got drenched with mains water.. So I was on high alert, not knowing if Mr 1 had swallowed water as he was in his pram when the pipe went wild! Scared us both that's for sure & certainly caught me off guard. I rang 13HEALTH & discussed my concerns & they reassured me that he should be fine & the temperature was moreso viral sounding. I had the home doctors visit who said the same, moreso viral. The next morning (or later that morning as the home doctor was there at 12:30) we took Mr 1 to our regular GP as he now had a cough.. Our doctor also thought it was a virus! & yes you guessed it another home visit from a Doctor Saturday evening who agreed with everyone else, didn't check a whole lot himself & spent the whole visit asking about our cat! (hubby later said he thought they'd sent a vet) lol.

So overnight his nose started running, sneezing & coughing & I too started feeling much the same. Mr 7 rang me late Saturday as he too wasn't feeling the best & wanted to come home from his Dads. We all had low fevers of around 37 degrees and aside from the fact Mr 7 had a headache, I had a sore throat & Mr 1 had a cough we all have similar symptoms. That's the problem with school returning.. BUGS! I hate illness & as the paragraph above reads, I get super paranoid about the kids being sick.

So today we had a restful weekend, lots of cuddles, games of little people, a movie afternoon for Mr 7 & tucked in now for sleep. Sick weekends certainly slow one down from the usual routine but I think it's a timely reminder to say take it easy & relax!

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